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Discuss An Icon Retires at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; 30 bowl games (to be 31) and a string of 13-0-1 over 14 of them ...
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    Default An Icon Retires

    30 bowl games (to be 31) and a string of 13-0-1 over 14 of them
    2 national championships
    Top 5 in the polls 14 straight years
    315 victories, 68% of Florida State's 465 victories
    2nd on Div I Most Wins list
    Came into the ACC winning 63 of his first 65 games

    Bobby Bowden pulled his own plug on his FSU coaching career today, but will stay through the bowl game. He said he had planned on retiring next year, but felt it best for the program to go now.
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    Default Re: An Icon Retires

    Pretty obvious he got pushed out. I understand the rationale behind that but I think guys like Bowden and Paterno are great to have in the game.

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    Default Re: An Icon Retires

    Bowden was given two choices, go, or stay but have no power. He chose the former. As a diehard FSU fan this is a bittersweet day. We lose an icon, but it was his time to go. He wasn't coaching any longer, and we need a clear chain of command again. I don't know if Jimbo is the answer, but its time to find out. After 20 years of watching Noles football, it is going to be mighty strange to not see Bobby and Mickey on the sidelines next year.

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    Default Re: An Icon Retires

    As a Florida State fan, I am very upset. They cut Bobby's legs out from under him with the whole Jimbo Fisher thing, and for an offensive guru, our offense hasn't exactly been lighting people up. Without Bobby, we never reach the level we have, we don't win those national titles, we aren't THE premier college football program for the 1990's...he should have been allowed to go out on his own terms. He had earned that. And I firmly believe Jimbo Fisher is NOT the answer. I'd love to see us make a run at Mark Richt, actually, or maybe Will Muschamp.
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    I wonder how long Paterno stays now. I really think that these two guys were both hanging on partially to cement their place in history. Now that Paterno is (and will stay) number 1 for a long time I wonder if he steps down.

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    I think that FSU showed Bobby very little respect or loyalty. The win or else mentality does not remember a great coach when he was at the top of his game. Being a long time PSU fan I have to respect the way the PSU administration stuck by JoePa even when PSU was having some down years in 2000-04.

    Sorry to see Bowden go, especially this way. It begs for the argument to go out on top. It's too bad he could not have left on a winning note. I hope he does in his bowl game.

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