Yes its time for another Biased Fan’s report!

This time I will give you a definitive list of the most annoying fools to ever enter the Octagon. You know its definitive because I say it is. A biased fan is Always right!

In reverse order:

10. Nick Diaz

“Do you wanna fight?” Man. Every time I watch an old UFC the first thing I have to see is this Monkey’s face with the above statement dubbed over. The fact is that I have seen that so many times now that I take it personally.

Yeah I wanna fight! Er… just not you dude. Heh. Its not just that my skills don’t match up well against Nick’s. Yeah he would kick my backside probably. Doesn’t change the fact that I wanna puke every time I toss in a old UFC DVD.

His brother Nate is pretty much White Trash also. I can just see them both together, hanging out at Chucks house talking about NASCAR and drinking 40 oz’ers.

Man I was hoping Karo Parisyan would KO Nate during TUF series. I really hate Punks and Nick truly fit’s the bill in this regard. If they would just take him off the UFC intros I might like him more. Till then He’s on my list.

9. Tito Ortiz

I like this guy but he annoys the junk out of me. Seriously. Does anyone recall that spectacle following his defeat of Vitor Belfort? He said he was “Fighting for the freedom of mixed martial arts”. Wow.

His arguments with Dana got very old. I agreed with Tito for the most part but he just couldn’t shut his mouth. The “Boxing Match” that he was to have with Dana really took the cake. What does that even have to do with MMA? it’s the epitome of selfish stupidity. Boxing is not MMA. Beating the crap out of a Bald, intellectually limited, obnoxious, overweight donkey is also not MMA.

I really wanted to like Tito- and I did and do, but his stupid comments such as the one above, and his arguments with Dana just got very annoying after awhile. No question that Dana is a bigger idiot but ill get to him don’t you worry!

8. Royce Gracie

“I built this house” he says… OK! Thanks for building it—now get the heck out!

Originally I had this guy listed much higher on the Ultimately Annoying List, but I guess I have to give him SOME credit. After all he did “build this house” lols. His family did anyway.

Way back in the nineties when all this MMA stuff started I was just as amazed by Gracie as everyone else. Over time that respect slowly but surely slipped away. I swear, If I have to hear one more story about some Gracie fighting with two broken legs and a serious hangnail for five days straight without a break I will go even more insane than I am now.

My God its worse than Bruce Lee Bullshido. I just want him and his family to just shut up and go far, far away.

7. Diego Sanchez

Man. The way this guy talks drives me nuts. Not to mention the idiocy he expressed on his way to fight Joe Daddy Stephenson. Yes! Yes! Yes!

I just wanted to reach through the TV screen and throttle the moron. Did anyone check his ID before letting him fight? How old is this guy really? I kept hoping a James Thompson Ham fist would drop on him from the crowd with a resounding NO!

How much weight is this guy going to drop anyway? He reminds me of Joe Riggs. Soon we will see him fighting Mini Luchadors in the new 85 lbs. Atom weight division. Diego “The Skeleton” Sanchez. Wonderful.

Don’t get me wrong its not that I think he’s overrated which I do not. He’s just sort of a cheap version of BJ Penn…but ill get to him later as well.

6. Josh Koscheck

Its just a coincidence that Josh happened to defeat Diego and is listed here as even more annoying. Nothing more. I swear. Really. Heh.

Josh has to be the most boring fighter in the world, not to mention he’s also one of the most egotistical monkeys in the game.

The way he reacted after being KO’d recently revealed a lot about this guys character. Or lack thereof. He acted so spoiled and childish I was actually embarrassed for him. And I don’t even like him. He acted like the other guy was contractually required to get a beat down. You man—you stick your chin out like a fool and you get dusted.

Seriously. Losing a fight does not make you crap in my eyes. Only Dana thinks that way. Its how you act after a win or loss that shows your real character. Josh has none. He’ spoiled and deserved the beating he got.

I think Mask had it right the way he supported his fighters win or lose - Lose a fight and act like a baby or win a fight and act like a Cole Miller or Bisping though and you can rot for all I care. And yes, Ill get to them also, heh.

The only fighter more boring than Josh is probably Machida but he’ not on this list.

5. Matt Lindland

This guy is the only guy I think I have ever seen KO himself in a MMA event. Yes its true. Is it just me or does this guy look like he has been fighting since the days of the Roman Coliseum?

Everytime he gets hit dust flies off his body. I think his Bio says he was born in 1835 and served as a corporal in the Union Army during the Civil War.

The main reason he’s on this list, however, is an article I read recently in “Grappling” magazine. In this article the writer attempts to build Lindland up to mythic proportions. It refers to him fighting Fedor SIX times but never once says that he lost.

Apparently getting a Silver Medal in the Olympics means you are a MMA God.

My only hope regarding this fella is that he dries up completely and blows away. Forever.

I must go retrieve my child from her place of education so you will all just have to wait for the top 5 MOST ANNOYING UFC FIGHTERS EVER.

Remember this list is definitive and 100 percent accurate. Because I said so.

And remember, a biased fan is Always right!