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Thread: bjj vs. sambo

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    Its hardly fair when slamming is disallowed....

    good video anyway.

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    Info about this event - Justin Garcia's bjj guys vs. Oleg Taktarov sambo guys, 21 Feb, NYC

    the challenge (by Justin Garcia), the rules:;all

    the announcement:

    what happened there + video:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caspiantiger View Post
    Its hardly fair when slamming is disallowed....

    good video anyway.
    Too true! When Helio fought Kimura (the Japanese Olympic judoka) they allowed slams. Helio ended up getting his arm broken. Kimura was a newaza bad ass, but in all fairness he was quite a bit bigger than Helio.

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    bebo they only disallow slams because this is the weakness of jiu jitsu, in sambo and wrestling slams are allowed in BJJ they are illegal, wonder why....

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    the sport of bjj went in a different direction. I don't think it is a sign of weakness as much as a sign of focus. The Helio/Kimura fight, aside from no strikes, I don't think followed the rules of either bjj or judo.

    I watched Pride 19 the other day and it listed Heath Herring's style as sambo. Is that correct?

    BTW, I like Oleg. Thanks for post akzent.

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    Herring was a wrestler....

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    Slams are forbidden in judo too due to the high risk of neck/spine injuries , i may be wrong but theyre not allowed in sport sambo and usually referees stop the action when the sambist get armlocked anf lift his opponent in order to release the pressure on his elbow.
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    Depends on your definition of a slam...many wrestlers would look at a clean ippon throw and call it a slam. I would think that Randleman's throw of Fedor would have been legal in Judo.
    I assume you are referring to slams as picking someone off the mat and slamming them a la Rampage v. Arona. In Judo ground fighting, the action is stopped as soon as you lift the opponent off the mat.

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