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    I've only seen three episodes, and in the ones I've seen you can probably put some of the blame on BJ for his team's performance, but I'm not sure how much. First fight I saw was Diaz v. Emerson, Diaz was just a better fighter. Then two weeks ago saw Wang, and whoever he fought...Wang is a BJJ black belt, and BJ yells for him to shoot 100 times and he just stands and trades. Dude just didn't listen. Then this past week, BJ couldn't force Gabe to cut the weight off, he had to want to, and he didn't, just didn't have it in him, BJ can't teach desire.

    I have been very impressed with Jens as a coach though, seems like a good teacher, and a tough no nonsense kind of guy.

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    Part of being a good coach is gaining your fighters trust and respect and i have not seen any reason for these fighters to have either one for penn. he has laghed at them and ridiculed others. he knew 5 weeks ago that gabe was 20 something pounds over then decides to put a half hearted effort in 24 hours before the fight. i am not defending gabe because he is just as much at fault but when you start to see a pattern of fighters not listening to their coach than you have to be;eve the coach is not doing a good job

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    Put BJ's boys on the board. That was a beating that Joe just laid on Geraghty, worked some nice GnP and then got his back and finished with the RNC.

    Jens on Joe: "I'm glad he's good, that means I didn't get knocked out by a b*tch"

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    Not sure how I feel about the second one, Corey landed more, but I think Emerson definitely did more damage with his leg kicks, and he got that heel hook in at the end of the second. I guess I agree with Dana though when he pointed out that Emerson really didn't do a ton in the 3rd.

    Corey didn't really impress me that much, I think he gets picked off next round.

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    I agree with Dana about Emerson, he didn't do much and Corey probably loses next round.

    I still think Corey should have gotten a bye for making weight when Gabe didn't. Picking the next two fights really wasn't such a big punishment. I also didn't see why Dana has such a hard-on for Emerson. His fight with Diaz was good, but not the epic they made it out to be.

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    I was studying for a final last night and missed the episode. From what I've read Gray beat the hell out Weems, Wiman choked out Marlon, and then BJ kicked Wang off his team, but then Jens brought him back as a member of his.

    This about right?

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    Thats kind of right. Dana sort of made Wang join Jens team. But you got the fights right they were no contest.

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    Yeah, I heard Dana dropped like 25 f bombs in a minute and a half conversation with BJ. Thats impressive.

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    Quarterfinal Match ups are set
    Lauzon v. Cole
    Gray v. Melendez
    Wiman v. Manny
    Diaz v. Corey

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