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Discuss Yarennoka at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Did anyone get a chance to watch Yarennoka? I actually stayed up that night to ...
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    Default Yarennoka

    Did anyone get a chance to watch Yarennoka? I actually stayed up that night to watch a couple of the fights live but then I ended up passing out. I didn't get to watch the Fedor fight but have heard a lot about it.

    Anyone on here watch all the fights? What did you think?

    I was happy to hear the wailing banshee Pride announcer lady back in action. I suggested to JB that we try to get her for NCAAs, but he thought that people would end up throwing stuff at her. haha.

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    I watched the Fedor fight on Youtube. Hong Man lumped his face up a little bit, although thats not really saying much when it comes to Fedor. Fedor got him with the arm bar just like everyone knew he would, albeit that arm bar was pretty nasty.
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    That was one of the funniest looking arm bars ever.

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