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Thread: UFC 70 Result Spolier warning Mirko fight

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    Default UFC 70 Result Spolier warning Mirko fight

    Mirko loses by tko head kick. Unbeliveable. I am stunned.

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    Wowwwwwwwwwww...what was the time? Thats a great win for Gonzaga beating Cro Cop at his own game, there goes the possible Couture v. Cro Cop mega fight at UFC 74.

    Gotta say I'm a little disappointed with the result, Cro Cop is one of my favorite fighters and I'd have loved to see him fight Randy.

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    Cro Cop kicked Gonzaga and Gonzaga cought it and took him down. You could see Gonzaga's body swell just with that kick. Gonzaga was raining elbows on Cro Cop. The ref stands them back up and Cro Cop looks like he's anticipating a low kick and gets hit right in the head and falls down hard with his knee at a bent angle. I think Cro Cop underestimated Gonzaga like he did against Randleman. I see a rematch in the future.

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    Could be. I'd expect they have Cro Cop fight at least one more other time before possibly giving him a title shot. The introduction of Big Nog whenever he gets here will throw another wrench in that class.

    If Chuck beats Rampage, maybe he moves up to set up a megafight with Cro Cop, I know he said he was interested in fighting him in an interview.

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    With a loss like that, Cro Cop isn't going to be getting a title shot anytime soon. He's gonna have to win 2 more fights including avenging his loss with Gonzaga before getting a Title shot. Big Nog was introduced in the last UFC.

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    I meant more along the lines of starting fighting, I know Dana announced the signing at 69.

    I imagine Cro Cop will fight either Arlovski, or Sylvia next maybe, then his next fight will probably depend on who wins between Randy and Gonzaga in August, and/or Nog's results.

    Edit: Goldberg and Rogan just announced that Dana is going to make some announcement tonight. Maybe someone else is coming?

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