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    Default WEC tonight

    I wish I got the versus network! Pretty good card, and lots of former wrestlers.

    Does anyone here get versus? If so, any possibility that you can record the first 3 fights listed below for me?

    Urijah Faber Vs. Jeff Curran
    Cub Swanson Vs. Jens Pulver
    Paulo Filho Vs. Chael Sonnen
    Doug Marshall Vs. Ariel Gandulla
    John Alessio Vs. Todd Moore
    Bryan Baker Vs. Eric Schambari
    Alex Karalexis Vs. Ed Ratcliff
    Ian McCall Vs. Charlie Valencia
    Brian Bowles Vs. Marcos Galvao

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    I get Versus, but I don't have a VCR. I'm sorry!

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    I'll give it a try. I plan on being home and watching it. Although I don't know if my wife has any plans, babysitting the grand kids, or shopping, etc. I'll get back on here tomorrow morning and let you know.

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    Thanks so much for the replies!

    Anyone have any predictions?

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    Seems like an interesting night of fights from what I've heard. Filho looked unimpressive, again. Jens choked Cub out in :35.
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    Yeah, last night was the first time I watched the WEC, and not one fight* lasted the full three, much less the full 5 that a few of the bouts were supposed to last.

    *I stopped watching after Jens. The fights weren't really grabbing me, and Project Runway was on.

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    DH I got the tape of the fights. If you want. PM me, or e-mail me at with your add. so I can mail it to you.

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    I watched most of the fights and the action was good. Filho looked very unimpressive, he was being outboxed and Sonnen was working some effective GnP when he got caught with an armbar.

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    DH, email me again. I saw your mssg. last night and was going to print it out this morning and mail you the tape. But for some reason all my all my e-mails are gone. I just got a computer and don't know how to retrive lost mssgs. Sorry about the dlay.

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