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Thread: The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale

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    without a doubt one of the best fights i have ever seen on ufc warmachine-j rock OUTSTANDING

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    What a night of fights, about the only thing that could have made it better was a chance to listen to TFB be interviewed after his 23 second sub over Dorian.

    Was very happy with how the judging wound up going in the Saunders v. Barrera fight, Dan didn't do anything but lay in Ben's guard after those takedowns, and grab his shorts. Ben did a nice job staying active from the bottom and landing some good strikes from the bottom.

    George really just took Billy apart, but it wasn't really unexpected at all. Not really a ton to say here, it'll be fun to follow George as he continues to move through the UFC. He's in a good situation training with Serra, and should continue to improve.

    I told you blue, size v. technique, technique wins every time. Mac came in and put Tommy on his back, worked the ground and pound, lumped Tommy up pretty good, and then when the situation presented it slipped in the rear naked. I can't wait to see him down at 155, that division is absolutely ridiculous. Tommy is going to improve so much training with Hughes, but as of right now if he can't put you on your back, or knock you out, he's going to have trouble.

    Moving on to the two really big ones...

    War Machine v. J-Roc should take it's rightful place alongside Griffin v. Bonnar as TUF bloodbaths. I thought War was toast when J-Roc had his back near the end of the second, and even more so a few seconds later when he landed that big knee, kudos to Mazzagati for not stopping it too quick, but he powered through with that sweep, and then pounded away until it was over. He was EXHAUSTED, and while I think J-Roc was winning, War looked good through out.

    I think we all knew that Huerta v. Guida was going to be ridiculous, and it certainly didn't disappoint. I still think if he's going to become a champion Huerta still needs to work on his TD defense, he's pretty solid from the bottom with his jiu jitsu, and his stand ups once he's there, but I don't know if he can afford with the rules and judging the way it still is to get taken down so much. He won because he was the more versatile fighter, when Guida landed that HUGE right hand, he was able to pull guard and survive the rest of that round. When Guida caught that big knee on the button he didn't have anywhere he could take the fight. Not hating on him for doing so, in fact I think its the smart thing, but I'm kind of surprised Guida tapped, kind of going back to his being completely insane I figured he'd go to sleep to that rear naked.

    I think Huerta with this win puts himself into the top 5 right now in the UFC, along with BJ, Joe Daddy, Ken Flo, and Edgar. I had my doubts about him, not as much as other people did, but they were there, and it was mainly due to his TD defense. He's done a great job so far improving with each subsequent fight, and I doubt we'll see that change.

    I'm disappointed to see Clay lose though, before tonight I'd never seen him fight live, that dude made me a fan. He's completely and utterly insane, and I love it. Was kind of surprised how he seemed relatively comfortable standing and banging with Huerta before he went after his TD's, and after he got them he was doing a nice job with ground and pound. He'll be in there with anyone, that torrid pace he sets is huge for him.

    Forrest has been announced officially as one of the TUF 7 coaches. I don't think it takes a brain surgeon to figure out who the other one is going to be.
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    And I told you that my man Roger would win it! I need to go to sleep. Some semblance of a recap is up on my blog. Good night!

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    Really don't think this one needs any words to describe it. Pretty much defines how intense the main event was last night.

    Pretty funny quote from Huerta here too, about that right Guida hit him with.

    I was hurt. He rocked me, man” Huerta said. “I was slightly knocked out but I knew what was going on. I just heard this ringing, and it was the weirdest thing, all I saw was all this hair, I didn’t know if it was a human being or a lion attacking me, then after about 10 seconds I was like ‘Hey Clay’ and it was back on.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke - 1984-2011

    "If Cornell finishes ahead of Iowa with five all americans I'll jump into the Des Moines River after finals." -Herkey#1 8/16/12

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