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    I watched it last night.

    First of all, the production was bush league.

    Bill Goldberg and the other clowns doing the announcing made Rogan look like Bob Costas.

    Kimbo scared his guy into a 29 sec submission. Kimbo grazed him once and the guy hit the mat and started tapping.

    Nick Diaz got picked apart by boxer KJ Noons. Diaz's face was a bloody mess. Noons will next appear on Showtime as a boxer. They are trying to make him the first "world champion" in both boxing and MMA.

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    The production and the announce team were fine Goldberg needs experince but Muaro and Quadros are topshelf.

    Kimbo ( while I'm not convinced he's the next Fedor ) hit Bo with a elbow that made my head hurt just watching it and that is what stopped the fight.

    Nick will be fine. He had no business being in there after that staph infection and I promise if he gets a rematch Noons gets tapped out.

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