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Discuss UFN *spoiler* at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Great night of fights.. Loved Cole Miller tapping out Junie Browning. Bader continues to improve. ...
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    Great night of fights.. Loved Cole Miller tapping out Junie Browning. Bader continues to improve. His standup still needs more work, but takedowns and ground control are excellent. Tough loss for Condit, I thought that the fight could've gone either way.
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    I wish the Miller - Browning fight lasted longer. Agree the main event could have gone either way.
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    Here is a spoiler:

    The chick from from the ExtEnze commercial thought "this could be fun"...

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    Bader almost seems to bulky to have great stand up. He is a powerful, explosive, athletic guy but his shoulders are so huge that it seems his punches are a little slow and he seems to still throw arm punches.

    He takedowns are awesome, and his transitions on the ground were very impressive. I hope he really focuses on becoming a monster on the ground. There are not many guys that can handle him on top of them. He completely neutralized Eliot Marshal who is a very accomplished blackbelt and Bader was still very raw at that point. He has already showed great improvement since that fight so I look forward to seeing him continue his development.

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