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Discuss Nelson KO's Herman at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Dave Hermann , former IU hwt. , stepped up and took on Nelson .He was ...
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    Default Nelson KO's Herman

    Dave Hermann , former IU hwt. , stepped up and took on Nelson .He was KO'd but Herman is a great guy and took the fight on short notice .
    Anyone who can knock out Dave has my respect.
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    Default Re: Nelson KO's Herman

    Roy Nelson has a big belly, long beard and a mullet. But he is a fantastic fighter. Getting ko'ed by him is nothing to be ashamed of. Nelson is just a step below the top tier.

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    Default Re: Nelson KO's Herman

    If anyone wants to talk down about Roy Nelson just look at how he hung with Dos Santos, the man can fight.
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