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    I thought that UFC 96 was pretty decent. Rampage had a tough test against Jardine , but proved to be too much for the Dean of Mean. Carwin and Kendall Grove had great knockouts. For me, the KO of the night went to Matt Hamill. What a high kick!! Poor Matt Brown asking the ref to stop him from beating on poor Pete Sell was tough to watch. Yves Levinge started to stop it after the first knockdown, and then let it go too far when Sell was obviously hurt badly. Gray Maynard's stand-up was really improved. Tough loss for Jim Miller. Honestly, imo, I think that Machida would beat both Rampage and Rashad.
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    I thought for a second there that Jardine was gonna put Rampage away. Im actualoly surprised that it went the distance but like PAge said he needed that. Im ready to see some black on black crime come May 23.

    I had a tough time with picking the Gonzaga fight given GG past, and eventually called him to win by sub, but dam, I didnt expect Carwin to put out him out like that. If Im Lesnar, Im hoping that Mir beats me, because I dont want o stand with Carwin.

    Yves is almost as bad as that old dude that let Lindland get his ass pounded on. and while Sell seemed to look ok after the first knockdown, having his head is held down and his face pounded on, calls for a stoppage

    Hamill made Munoz look like an amateur, I really expected a bit more from Munoz and its too bad that WEC eliminated the upper weight classes because he doesnt not look ready for the big time. Was he knocked out by the kick or his own knee?

    Man, Kendall Grove does not look right for that weight class, its almost as though he looks like he has some kind of disease. good win though, especially when he needed it.
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    I missed the whole freakin' thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetsFan View Post
    I missed the whole freakin' thing. full fights for free.
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    Very happy to see Carwin win. The best part of the fight was seeing the bjj black belt world champion on top of Carwin for about ten seconds before Carwin easily got back to his feet. The dude is a freak and will keep getting better, his only downside is his age.

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