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Thread: Rumor: Randy Couture Calls it Quits

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    Why in the world would Fedor be ducking Randy? Don't get me wrong, I love Randy, but Fedor is arguably at this time the greatest mixed martial artist ever.

    This is a guy that outstruck Cro Cop, and out grappled Noguiera, I mean I guess Randy would have a shot if they ever do meet up, but I still think Fedor beats him save for a fluky cut.

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    Why wouldnt he sign with the UFC if not for any other reason but to fight Randy and show that he is the best. Its like me going to wrestle for Faribo instead of Owatonna because i know i could be the best there but not even wrestle varsity for Owatonna.

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    From the bit that I followed it seems like management, both Fedor's, and Zuffa screwed the pooch.

    Fedor's manager seemed to be looking not only to have Fedor taken care of, but himself as well. With the demands for the UFC to sign numerous Red Devil guys, and to co promote events with his company in Russia.

    It was stupid of Zuffa to take so long to acquiesce to allowing Fedor to fight in Sambo tournies. Had they caved on that earlier, or even at all we may have gotten this deal done.

    Its laughable to say a guy like Fedor who has beaten the absolute best that this sport has to offer is ducking anyone.

    Its not Fedor's duty to go seek guys out, Fedor is the best, he's gotten to the point where the competition should come to him. Don't get me wrong here though, I'd have loved to see Fedor in the UFC, but it didn't happen.

    If Josh Barnett, Kharitonov, and Mark Hunt all make the move to M-1 that builds a very credible heavyweight division for them, and sets up the Fedor v. Barnett fight that people have been waiting for for so long.

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    Randy will fight again!

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    Any Change Randy could sign with them to get the fight or is he still under contract with the ufc?

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    From what I've read, the soonest that Randy can even negotiate with M-1 according to the terms of his contract is nine months. After that, even with the two fights left, I'm assuming all would be good to go if he still wanted the fight.

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