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Thread: Askren TKO Flowers

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    Default Askren TKO Flowers

    In the first round by strikes.

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    Excellent opponent for Askren's first fight. They didn't leave anything to chance, that's for sure. Askren wasn't lying when he said he is most challenged in the stand up department.
    Lets go Brent!

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    Ben better work on that standup, he gives anyone with decent power cracks at his chin like that, it's over. The purefight feed was a little lagging for me, so I couldn't really tell, but it looked like Ben stumbled back after he got punched. To me, it looked like he was about to go down before he shot in for the TD.

    ....just watched the fight again in better quality, and it looked completely different, nothing clean landed and Ben was never in trouble.
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    The fight is up on now. I don't really know that much about MMA, but it looked like Flowers pretty much gave up once Ben took him down. I thought he looked a little intimidated even before the match started. But Askren looked pretty weak standing up.

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    He did well. Ben took Flowers down and dominated. He passed to the mount instantly and had decent gnp. He took a good shot to the face before he scored the takedown. He readily admits that he needs to work on his stand-up. He looked great for his first fight. I will be rooting for him. We love the funk in our house.
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    From the Columbia Missourian

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    Ben Askren wins in MMA debut
    Sunday, February 8, 2009 | 12:59 a.m. CST

    [Photo of Askren with arm being raised by ref]
    Ben "Funky" Askren, right, a former MU Wrestler and United States Olympian, won his Mixed Martial Arts debut against Josh Flowers at the Holiday Inn Expo Center on Feb 7. ? JOON HYOUNG KIM/Missourian
    BY Robby Lewis
    COLUMBIA ? Former Missouri wrestler Ben Askren said he was confident entering his professional Mixed Martial Arts debut, and it turns out he should have been.

    Askren defeated Josh Flowers by technical knockout at the 1 minute, 25 second mark of the first round of his fight in an 11-match event Saturday night at the Holiday Inn Expo Center.

    Flowers got in the first blow, but when he tried to land another shot, Askren took him down and followed with a flurry of punches to Flowers? head. Soon after, the referee stopped the fight.

    ?You kind of have to worry about getting hit, but he hit me, and really that felt kind of good,? said Askren, who chose the name Ben "Funky" Asken for his fight. ?I waited for him to throw that second punch, took him down and finished him off real hard.?

    Askren, who wrestled in this summer's Beijing Olympics, was known for his takedowns on his way to a pair of NCAA national titles for the Tigers and said after the match that he believes he can take down anyone he fights in MMA.

    Askren wasn?t the only former Missouri wrestler to make his professional MMA debut on Saturday. Two-time All-American Tyron Woodley also fought beating his opponent by knockout in 1:09. Woodley works out with Askren at American Top Team, an MMA training facility.

    ?I?ve been behind the scenes for a while,? Woodley said. ?I?ve been training a lot of guys. I?ve been training a lot of high-level fighters, but you get to the time where it?s your time to shine.?

    Woodley said he was excited to make his debut in Columbia. He hopes he doesn?t have to wait long for his next fight.

    ?Ben, I?m surprised, he was running around doing stuff during the event,? Woodley said. ?It?s good to see that kind of composure. Anybody who can be that composed can become a dangerous fighter.?

    Askren said he still considers himself a wrestler, but he is focused on fighting.

    ?You can?t get punched in the face in wrestling. It was fun. It was a blast," Askren said. "I had a great time.?

    Askren said he is planning to fight next on April 25.

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