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Thread: Ufc 78

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    Sunny Day! Re: Ufc 78

    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Rashad over Bisping TKO Round 3
    Houston over Silva KO Round 1
    Karo over Chonan UD
    Edgar over Fisher SD (Fight of the night)
    Herman over Terrell UD
    I would agree with you on all of these, especially the Edger/Fisher fight being the fight of the night. This fight is going to be flipping great to watch, should be nonstop bell to bell. I don't know if I agree witht the outcome though, but thats opinions. Your probably right about the Karo/Chonan fight, although I remember a few of us posting our dislike for the way Karo comes accross, but then again sometimes thats what some fighters need to do to get their heads in the game. It'll be better then watching some of these lame-a** fights that have been on UFC lately.....................................

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    Default Re: Ufc 78

    Hey everyone - due to the crappy Chicago weather and my laziness, I am going to stay in and order the fight tonight, so I'm going to live blog it. Feel free to join me at Chicks Heart Fights, or make fun of me, or whatever.

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    Default Re: Ufc 78

    Frankie with the DOMINANT win over Fisher

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    Default Re: Ufc 78

    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Frankie with the DOMINANT win over Fisher
    He looked great, didn't he? And the shoutout for Rutgers wrestling!

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    Default Re: Ufc 78

    Herman with the KO win, Karo with the expected UD, Houston gets taken to the ground and pounded out, and Rashad wins a SD against Bisping.

    Not too bad a card.

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