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Thread: Rampage vs ????

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    Jensen brought this up in the UFC 76 thread. There really isn't a logically opponent for Rampage now, or Wanderlei for that matter.

    Jardine-possibly, but Jardine-Griffin II could happen also too


    Henderson-I wouldn't mind seeing it again, but he may be down at Middleweight

    Wanderlei-may as well, he may get upset if you give him anyone else

    Houston Alexander-looked dominate in 2 performances, but can he fight more than a minute or 2

    Lyoto Machida-undefeated w/ non-UFC wins over Franklin and Penn, but not very exciting and main event worthy

    Plus Tito/Evans II is tentatively set for UFC 78
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    This question to be honest absolutely baffles me.

    After all the upsets, they may wind up having him fight Wanderlei for Wanderlei's first fight. They've had so many of their big name guys lose this year, and I'm sure they're paying Wanderlei a lot of money, I really doubt they want to see him get bumped off too.

    Other than Wanderlei, other guys with legit claims for a shot are as you mentioned Machida, Jardine, Forrest, Houston, and then whoever winds up winning the fight between Tito, and Rashad in November.

    I'm thinking if anyone gets the shot its probably going to be Forrest. I may be right, but I thought Dana said Shogun would get a shot if he beat Forrest. Both Forrest, and Rampage are very popular, and very marketable. A fight between the two of them would make the UFC a lot of money. However that probably would really stick in the craw of both Jardine, and Houston, but thats how I figure it for now.

    170 is still a mess as well, but I've got a better idea of what I'd prefer to see there. Serra and Hughes fight in December, based off his win in August, St. Pierre gets the first shot at them. Karo has a fight scheduled on the 78 card I believe.

    I think you have Fitch fight Karo (obviously assuming Karo wins which may be a little much these days) on one of the early cards next year to see who gets the shot after St. Pierre.

    The one problem is this leaves Kos out on a little bit of an island, but with Fitch and Karo both more deserving right now of title shots, I think you need to have them fight each other.
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    Here is a thought let "THE NATURAL" Randy Couture fight. He might as well hang on to both belts. I would not argue with that fight. He has proven himself as worthy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BRF WRESTLING View Post
    Here is a thought let "THE NATURAL" Randy Couture fight. He might as well hang on to both belts. I would not argue with that fight. He has proven himself as worthy.
    You beat me to it.

    Randy was going to be my suggestion.

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    Randy has guys left to fight at heavyweight, and plus Randy with his arm, and Rampage with his hand are probably done for the year. Those two guys defending their belts on the Super Bowl card next year in February would be awesome.

    A few more thoughts on this topic, My first thought has been since Shogun was going to get a title shot if he beat Forrest, then Forrest should get the shot. Chuck was supposed to fight Wanderlei if he won, so let Jardine fight Wanderlei. Wanderlei then came out today saying he wants Forrest to try and get revenge for Shogun. Maybe you could have Houston fight Machida, that'd be a major contrast in styles.

    I think the big wild card in terms of who gets the title shot is going to be the Tito v. Rashad fight in November. If either guy were to score an impressive stoppage over the other, the shot at Rampage may go to one of them. Tito is Tito, and he's always a big draw, and then if Rashad were to say stop Tito that very well could grant him the momentum to get the shot.

    I don't envy Dana, and Joe Silva with what they've got to work out with this division.

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