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    Forrest finished Shogun with about 15 seconds left in the fight. From what I've read he was winning the fight anyway, and then he sank the choke and finished him. Shogun was apparently dog tired from halfway through the second on.

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    Yeah Forrest looked really good. He was in control on the ground. He pulled guard against Shogun and was able to neutralize him for the entire fight, save for a few big elbows in the 2nd. Shogun likes to pass guard by jumping over the opponents legs and landing a big punch. Forrest kept closed guard and would not give Shogun much space to work with. When Forrest was on top, he was able to do a lot of damage. Quite a few times, Shogun gave Forrest his back and Forrest landed blows to the side of the head. The end of the fight was the only time Forrest actual tried the RNC.
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    Forrest kicked his ass. Great fight. Shogun looked nearly as tired as Gomi was when he fought Diaz.

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