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Thread: Strikeforce Fights this weekend!

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    Default Strikeforce Fights this weekend!

    Who watched them? The main event between Nick Diaz and KJ Noons was an epic ego driven stand up battle, where Diaz pretty much decided to beat KJ Noons at boxing, where KJ is supposedly superior. It was a 5 round WAR.

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    KJ broke his hand in the second round. Thats why he was so sloppy. Though, KJ's boxing is not as polished as I expected. His footwork and head movement were not at the level of Frankie Edgar. I was surprised.

    I like T-Wood's fight. While not a competitive fight, T-Wood showed explosive striking briefly enough. Galvao was once one of my prospects. Wow, did he ever fall down that ladder. Tyron and Saffidiene are 2 of the best rising welterweight stars. I don't want to hear about Hathaway or Kim. These 2 guys are on their way.

    Josh Thomson's fight was exciting, though he looked horrible. That was not the same guy that beat Gilbert during their first meeting. I had that fight a draw. Calvacante did not clearly win round 2, nor did he clearly lose it. Thomson dominated round 2, and JZ won round 3, though not dominant. If I scored all 3 rounds combined and weighted it, the right man won the fight. But no way was it a 30-27 as Josh said during the interview.
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    Diaz broke Noons jaw in the first round so that likely played a part in how sharp he looked. He was having a lot of success with the left hand in the second and then he broke it and was not nearly as effective after.

    Also cut your hair noons.

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    I read about Josh Thompson sayiong he has NEVER lifted weights before, and after this camp, dealing with injuries so much, that he would start. How is that possible to be a professional, high level MMA fighter and have never lifted weigghts?!

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