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Thread: Johny Hendricks

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    Default Johny Hendricks

    How long until he gets a big-time fight? I don't follow MMA very closely but isn't he undefeated in the UFC? Seems like he's always on the undercard.

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    Can't imagine it being much longer now. I can't picture a fight where he'd lose from watching him.

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    isn't he in GSP's weight?
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    He is fighting Rick Story on the December Tuf Finale. This should be on the main card, and is a good matchup between two rising prospects. I am glad they have brought Hendricks along slowly, he is a great wrestler and has slowly bringing along his striking and bjj, with a win over story he will likely get thrown into the deep end.

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    I can't wait until Hendricks vs. Askren some day. I can't imagine a fight of more interest to wrestling fans.

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    Isn't Hendricks fighting 155?

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    No he fights at welterweight.

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    I'm guessing its soon, he's shown that he can give a beat down and I'm sure he's more than ready to prove it on a main card bout. One day, he will give GSP a run for his title, cant wait for that day

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    Me too, GSP is hard to take down and no one is better at takedowns than Hendricks. GSP also hates being on his back.
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