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Thread: Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva!!!

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    I thought Chael actually did a pretty good job standing up with Silva. He certainly wasn't out-striked and he was defintely getting some good connections in there, but of course Chael's objective was to take Silva down.

    I did notice how when Silva started doing all that crazy monkey shit on his feet, Chael went right for the takedown and got it and avoided all that crap. Most guys don't have the balls to do that at risk of getting caught with anything and dropped, so they just stand up and stay at risk, but Chael just rammed himself right into Silva and got him down.

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    Chael didn't win but, I think he found the blue print to defeating him. If Chael would have remembered his Submission defense, he wouldn't won easily from the judges cards. But, Chael has problems with Submission defense, but I think if Silva and Sonnen had a rematch the UFC would have a new MW champ

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    What are Sonnen's wrestling credentials? This statement doesn't seem right:

    "I've got two national championship plaques on my wall that [say] I can take him down," Sonnen said. "I've got a silver medal from the world championships in 2001 that says he can't stop me from taking him down. If he's got an answer to it, God bless him." (

    Edit: I looked it up on the FILA database. Chael Sonnen placed 2nd at the University worlds in Greco. This is a big accomplishment for sure, but it still seems wrong to call it a world championship silver medal... am I being picky?
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    Wikipedia says he won two University National Championships in Greco Roman.

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    Looking at, he was a two qualifier for Oregon, finishing 8th in 1998 being unseeded and then making the round of 12 in 1999 coming in as the 11th seed.
    Cetainly a respectable career, but nothing outstanding.
    Before his fighting career, I never heard of him. His most noteworthy collegiate accomplishment could be having a name that sounded like Cael.

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    There's too much stat-padding in MMA, as Mr. Sonnen's comments show. In my mind, to call yourself a world medallist you need to medal at the Fila Sr. World championships or Olympic games. To call yourself a (US) national champ, you need to win the US Open/WTT's or the Div 1 NCAA's. World university medals and University Nationals titles are huge accomplishments, but they aren't the same thing.

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