JZ Calvan Talks Turning Down The UFC, Kawajiri, Aoki & More | Steve Rattlesnake

DH: Has the UFC shown any interest?

JZ: Yes, but they wanted me to be exclusive and I was under contract in Japan, so I turned it down. Alot guys don't go to UFC because of this. Fedor, Mousasi, Alvarez, Aoki, Melvin Manhoef...

DH: Your last fight before your layoff, was Tatsuya Kawajiri, another of my favorite fighters. Do you want that rematch?

JZ: That would be good. It's always good to get a victory over someone who beat you before.

DH: How hard does Crusher hit?

JZ: You know, I didn't really feel his punches, he didn't hurt me in the fight. He did what he is famous for, he took me down and controlled the fight with the ground and pound. In that fight, it wasn't my day...I also think the ring rust played a part in it. I wanted to fight in the end of the year against Joachim Hansen but he got hurt. They kept rescheduling the fight and I was overtraining. I'm not coming with an excuse; he is a great fighter. I thought he was going to beat Aoki, but unfortunately he got caught in the foot lock.

DH: I thought he was going to beat Aoki too. He got him the same way he got Alvarez. That damn heel hook.

JZ: He tried that with me also, but I could escape.