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Discuss Varner fight at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; How did he not win this fight? Even without the point, I think he should ...
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    Default Varner fight

    How did he not win this fight? Even without the point, I think he should have won. He def won the first 2 rounds IMO and prob lost the 3rd just based on the takedown. I'm so confused. This was even worse than the Hammill/Bisping decision to me.
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    Default Re: Varner fight

    One judge got it right. Peoples was in the middle, surprisingly, though he had it wrong too. But the one judge scored every round for Salorus.

    I will admit, Shalorus is a beast. He is like the terminator. I think somebody was scoring the leg kicks very highly. I was surprised how effective they were. They may have been influenced by the Aldo fight. I doubt Varner wants to go through that again.

    Bottom line is that Varner outboxed him all three rounds, but got neutralized on the ground in round 3.

    Keep in mind if for any reason round 2 was given to Shalorus, it was in fact a draw, as Peoples had it. 28-28.

    It was not the biggest robbery. But it was not a good call.

    Hammil Bisping was worse.
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