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Thread: Askren Captures Bellator tourney Crown!

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    Default Askren Captures Bellator tourney Crown!

    Beats Hornbuckle by unanimous decision! For "the worst mma fighter ever" according to a LoSt soul, not too shabby.
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    Default Re: Askren Captures Bellator tourney Crown!

    He looked a million times better than his last fight. I was very impressed, Hornbuckle is a dangerous guy.
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    Default Re: Askren Captures Bellator tourney Crown!

    There appears to be a pattern here. "Askren pummels opponent. Message boards declare Askren crappy fighter who will get killed next time. Repeat."

    Congrats Ben Askren!

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    Default Re: Askren Captures Bellator tourney Crown!

    Imagine if Askren and Johny Hendricks both work their way into the top 5 or 10 (the top 10 is probably only a couple wins away for both of them), and then they fought. Few wrestlers have drawn out the emotions of wrestling fans as much as those two.

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    the new wrestlers transitioning to mma like askren, hendricks, warren, etc are going to take over the sport. the past wrestlers that helped make mma popular were ok as far as competitive wrestlers go.

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    Warren is an amazing wrestler and an even tougher guy and with those two attributes he has already had a lot of success. I still havent seen the progression from him that i was expecting. Granted he has fought up in weight a lot, but several of the decisions he has won were questionable imo, and he seems like he hasnt made much progress on his sub defense other than just to will his way through them. When he fights guys like bibiano fernandes i cant see the results going much different unless he starts making big strides on the ground.

    Askren too still has a long way to go but again with his wrestling, mental toughness and overall funky grappling ability can give a lot of guys problems. I think he will need to commit to the sport full time if he eve wants to seriously contend with the top guys.

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    Ben Askren is a strong freestyle wrestler and grappler (world champion in Grappling No-Gi).

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    all good points, but they are starting with greater accomplishments than the previous generations of wrestlers. i figure they have a better shot of progressing than the old guard.

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    Default Re: Askren Captures Bellator tourney Crown!

    Askren performance was one of the best performances endorsing wrestling as a martial art. I realize he used a lot of jiu jitsu training to learn how to escape submissions and pass guards, but he used his wrestling even in that. That was dominant. I think this dude could probably get by with his ground game alone if he just keeps getting better. The reason is that nobody can stop his takedowns. He timed them perfectly, and he used pretty safe takedowns. He clinched then went for the knee taps.

    His submission escapes was pretty awesome. I liked how he went around the head to grab his wrist to stop the kimura. I do wish he went for subs more often. At least go for the anaconda which he should be good at. He wasn't going after the chokes as hard as he could have. I saw him go for 1 arm triangle. But I am sure this is where he will improve.

    Its hard to believe he dominated Hornbuckle as much as he did.
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