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Discuss Frankie Edgar Video at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; NBC video of former Clarion wrestler turned UFC fighter Looks like he should be ...
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    Default Frankie Edgar Video

    NBC video of former Clarion wrestler turned UFC fighter

    Looks like he should be on the UFC 78 card in Newark, NJ
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    Default Re: Frankie Edgar Video

    Nice vid Eazee...

    Edgar is a really, really good young fighter. Very well rounded, and watching him go from his plumbing job, to work out shows how hard working and dedicated he really is.

    His fight with Griffin was a classic, and a definite fight of the year candidate.

    I mentioned in the UFC 74 thread as some probably saw, that I'd like to see Edgar fight Huerta. Soonest it could probably happen would be one of the early cards next year, but I think its a smart fight to make, and with their similar aggressive styles be a very exciting one.

    A win for either one would propel them up into that top tier of light weight contenders, possibly right to, or more likely one win away from a title shot. A loss by either, really wouldn't be that big of a deal, as both are quality fighters, and aren't unknowns.

    If they meet up, judging by what I've seen of both I'd go with Edgar, as I just see him as the more polished of the two.
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