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Discuss Is Wrestling Taking The Martial Arts Out Of MMA? at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by ODH Here a summary I read on another wrestling message board that ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ODH View Post
    Here a summary I read on another wrestling message board that I thought was very good. Rogan and Goldberg should take notes:

    "WORLD-CLASS SKILLS": A phrase that is overused by commentators & fans when describing excellent wrestlers is "WORLD-CLASS." In wrestling circles, World-Class means wrestlers who have earned the right to be on the NATIONAL Team & have participated in the World Championships or Olympics! World-Class is reserved for seven wrestlers in both Freestyle (FS) & Greco Roman (GR) wrestling each year. These spots are earned by winning the World Team Trials or Olympic Team Trials.

    *[The current American MMA Fighters who are "World-Class" Wrestlers true to the definition are]:
    *Randy Couture (GR 4x World Team member)
    *Dan Henderson (GR 2x Olympian; 2x World Team member)
    *Matt Lindland (GR 2000 Olympic Silver Medalist; 4x World Team member, including 2001 Silver Medalist)
    *Joe Warren (GR 2006 World Champion; 2005 World Team member)
    *Ben Askren (FS 2008 Olympian)
    *Mark Coleman (FS 1992 Olympian; 1991 World Silver Medalist)
    *Daniel Cormier (FS 2004 & 2008 Olympian; 4x World Team member, including 2007 Bronze Medalist)
    *Muhammed Lawal (FS 2005 World Team member)

    *[There are former fighters who were "World-Class" Wrestlers, such as Mark Schultz, Kevin Jackson, Mark Kerr, Dan Severn, Heath Sims, & Royce Alger].

    *[National Champions & All-Americans]:
    All-American (AA) is associated with a wrestler who finishes in the top eight of his respective Collegiate National Championships. There are D-1, D-2, D-3, NAIA, & JUCO National Championships. Achieving All-American status or even a National Championship (NC) does not garner the designation of "World-Class."

    *Some active MMA athletes who are Collegiate National Champions or All-Americans include:
    *[Division I]:
    *Matt Hughes (2x AA)
    *Josh Koscheck (4x AA & NC)
    *Cain Velasquez (2x AA & JUCO NC)
    *Chael Sonnen (AA)
    *Brock Lesnar (D-I 2x AA & NC & JUCO NC)
    *Ryan Bader (2x AA)
    *Mark Munoz (2x AA & NC)
    *Johny Hendricks (4x AA & 2x NC)
    *Jake Rosholt (4x AA & 3x NC)
    *Gray Maynard (3x AA)
    *C.B. Dollaway (AA)
    *Aaron Simpson (2x AA)
    *Tyron Woodley (2x AA)
    *Chad Mendes (2x AA)
    *Phil Davis (4x AA & NC)
    *Michael Chandler (AA)

    *[Other Divisions]:
    *Rashad Evans (JUCO NC)
    *Shane Carwin (D-2 NC)
    *Jon Jones (JUCO NC)
    *Matt Hamill (D-3 2x NC)
    *Bobby Lashley (NAIA 3x NC)
    *Anthony Johnson (JUCO NC)

    Ok, but there aren't multi time world champion.
    In MMA there are 6 time bjj and/or grappling world champion, not only world class.

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    Default Re: Is Wrestling Taking The Martial Arts Out Of MMA?

    Quote Originally Posted by gutfirst View Post
    great list.

    qualifying for worlds or olympics make you national class. medals make you world class.

    rashad was d1 at michigan state. he may have qualified for ncaa's.

    If you are talking strictly World Medallists- well, most of them focus on their medal winning wrestling instead of MMA (Lindland and Warren being the obvious exceptions.)

    A bunch of guys at that level have had a fight or two, seemingly for the hell of it, with varying results... but one bout does not really an MMA fighter make.

    ODH, I know next to nothing about BJJ and other grappling styles, but I get the feeling they don't have one "true" world championship the way wrestling does, so there's a lot of "world" champs floating around. I know Ben Askren won a "world' grappling title recently and no one seemed too impressed.

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    Default Re: Is Wrestling Taking The Martial Arts Out Of MMA?

    My impression from talking to one knowledgable BJJ guy is that the Mundials are the legit world champions for Gi and Abu Dhabi is the most impressive for No-Gi.
    Also I understood to get a BJJ Black Belt you were supposed to be a world class grappler, so I don't get all these supposed BJJ Black Belts who never even try to grapple during a UFC fight.

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