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Thread: Why Anderson Silva-Floyd Mayweather Would Be a Huge Success If World's Collide

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    Star Why Anderson Silva-Floyd Mayweather Would Be a Huge Success If World's Collide

    Man, I was ripped off.

    I think of all the things I could have bought instead of watching the Shane Mosley-Floyd Mayweather fight. There isn't anything special I will remember about that fight in a year or so.

    12 rounds of boredom with a predictable result. Nothing exciting, nothing explosive, nothing to write about and so I won't!

    How could you get people feeling good about buying a pay per view again?

    How can you shock the system?

    The boxing world needs a jolt to revive itself. Its popularity has already been overcome by the MMA world and it desperately needs a shot of life to bring it back. It really is not that interesting anymore.

    So here's an idea that will spark some interest in fight fans, sell some pay per views, and generate quite a lot of publicity. Its Anderson Silva-Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match. Before you go thinking I'm nuts, think about this.

    95 percent of people view boxing and MMA as entertainment, there would be a huge interest to see this event, and wherever there is a general interest, there is a promoter eager to make it happen.

    People have wrestled Alligators and bears,boxed Kangaroos, heck, even Muhammad Ali once fought a wrestler in an exhibition fight.

    Would Silva against Mayweather excite boxing fans? Absolutely!

    Would it excite MMA fans? Sure!

    Would the Mayweather camp be interested in it? Of course, Mayweather has stated numerous times that he fights for the money. Not the answer boxing experts like, but nevertheless, he's honest.

    What's Mayweather most afraid of? Losing! Would he fear this against Silva? NO!

    Would he have to cut weight, train like hell, and put his heart and soul into the match? No.

    So, if the fight could generate a $10 million purse for him to fight Silva, Mayweather would take it quicker than one of his left jabs.

    What about Silva? Surprisingly, this guy has been actively pursuing a boxing match in the worst way.

    He has tried several times to set up a boxing match with Roy Jones Jr. He has also expressed that he wants to fight the best. He is constantly complaining that he doesn't get to fight enough.

    By all counts, he's right.

    He wants to retire. He has stated several times that he wants to retire. Yet, he keeps fighting! Why? It's the money. He will never see money like he would see in a boxing match.

    In fact, in his last 20 bouts, he hasn't earned what he could in a fight with Mayweather.

    So, getting either man to sign the contract would be easy.The money would be generated, and I for one would gladly shell out 50 bucks for the pay per view to see this match.

    Is Silva good enough to make a match out of it? Sure he is. He is a world class professional caliber boxer. He is lightning fast and elusive as hell.

    Would there be a trade off? I believe since they are fighting in Mayweather's forte, I'm sure he would grant Silva 20 pounds.

    These guys are both mowing through the competition in their respective fields, at a pace that bores fans. I couldn't sit through a replay of Silva-Meia, or Mayweather- Mosley if it were free on television.

    Even opposing fans of either one are so anxious to see them lose, that you could throw them into the group of interested observers.

    Unfortunately, Silva was never to lace up the boxing gloves due to his UFC contract (which will soon end!) However, he did plant the seeds of curiosity in many people's minds.

    The only fight boxing fans want to see is Pacquiao versus Mayweather, and that looks like it will never happen. So, after the possibility came and went, and each fighter walked away, it left an incredible void. A void that could be filled by Silva-Mayweather.

    Lets face it, each man is facing the end of his career. They are each 35-years-old, both trying to earn as much money as they can before their departure and they both have a huge following proclaiming them the best fighters in the world.

    So, who would be opposed to see this? Or at least read about it? Is there anything now that Silva could do in the UFC, or Mayweather could do in boxing to further cement their legacy? No.

    In the end, it's a win-win situation for both fighters and the fans. I actually believe this fight could take place within the year.

    If I was the agent of Silva or Mayweather, I'd be all over it. It's a loaded powder keg, and all it needs is a spark to ignite it.

    Does anybody have a lighter?

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    he will make 50 million to fight pac man, no need to waste his time in an exhibition match.

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    Greatest thread eva!

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    yes i agreed

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