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Thread: Strikeforce Nashville: Does Gegard Mousasi Want to Leave Strikeforce?

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    Star Strikeforce Nashville: Does Gegard Mousasi Want to Leave Strikeforce?

    Seeing Gegard Mousasi's lackluster performance against Mohammed "King Mo" Lawal for the Strikeforce light-heavyweight championship on Saturday night, it made me wonder. Due to the inclusion of the championship clauses in their contracts, Strikeforce title holders cannot leave the promotion for another while they hold a belt.

    Mousasi didn't look at all like his normally electric self, getting taken down multiple times en route to a unanimous decision loss. After seeing the fight, a (far-fetched) possibility occured to me. What if Mousasi phoned in the match so he could walk away from his current Strikeforce contract in order to fight in the UFC?

    It sounds crazy, understandably so, but to me Mousasi seems like the guy who wants a challenge. Other than King MO, who in the Strikeforce LHW division can really challenge him? Sure, Dan Henderson would possibly give him the toughest fight of his career, but who else?

    That's what I thought. No one.

    To me, Mousasi is the type of fighter who could have ended that fight in the first round if he wanted to.

    Instead, he executed a lame game plan of lying on his back and hitting King Mo with a barrage of weak up-kicks and little pansy-punches that had no real ability to KO anyone (except glass-jawed Andrei Arlovski).

    Maybe Mousasi planned the outcome of this fight. Speculation of a possible migration to the UFC have been running rampant ever since Gegard Mousasi left M-1 Global Management. The only thing holding him back then was the championship clause. Now, the only barrier keeping him in Strikeforce is himself.

    If I were you, Scott Coker, I wouldn't be surprised if your best fighter leaves.

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    Default Re: Strikeforce Nashville: Does Gegard Mousasi Want to Leave Strikeforce?

    Yeah, purposely lower your stock value days after signing a 2 year extension. Pretty genius theory there.
    I pictured you as that guy Gaylord in Showboat, passing up taxis to walk because he's broke and playing it off as if it's the doctor's advice. - Clmetal

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