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Thread: UFC: First Shot At Frankie ?

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    Star UFC: First Shot At Frankie ?

    After the massive upset and controversial decision, Frankie "The Answer" Edgar has done the opposite of his nickname, opening up an exponential amount of questions.

    Did B.J. win the fight? Will he get a rematch? Will B.J. go to welterweight? If not Penn, who gets the first shot? It looks like we will have to wait for answers to those questions for a while.

    There is a saying in combat sports, "You're not the champion until you defend your title". Whoever Frankie Edgar defends his title against won't be an easy fight. The first fight on every-ones mind, a re-match with B.J.

    Its unclear what Penn has planned, staying and trying to regain his dominance in the division, or trying to move up to regain the welterweight title that also was once his? Whatever Penn decides to do it will undoubtedly impact the UFC's decision making going forward.

    The second fight, the one I am hoping for, is a rematch with Gray Maynard. The same man who has beaten him once before, and the same man who Edgar cut in line of for a title-shot.

    Maynard would jump at the chance to be the first one fighting Frankie. It would be exciting to see if Edgar would have what it takes to get revenge on Gray, or if Gray would show why he should have gotten the title-shot before Edgar.

    The last fighter and probably the least talked about is still very relevant, as last week he was the "second best UFC lightweight". Kenny Florian, though having fought for the title twice and losing, he would love a shot at the new crowned champion.

    Coming off back-to-back wins over top tier fighters Clay Guida and Takanori Gomi, Florian has sure started to travel the road back to the title. You may still consider Florian the "second best UFC lightweight," but he would like to say otherwise if he should get to fight Frankie Edgar.

    So after having wrapped up the most likely fights for Edgar. Tell me, did he win the fight, and who should get the first shot at Frankie?

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    Default Re: UFC: First Shot At Frankie ?

    I think Gray vs Florian is already in the works. Maybe Jan can confirm this.
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    Default Re: UFC: First Shot At Frankie ?

    Quote Originally Posted by leglace View Post
    I think Gray vs Florian is already in the works. Maybe Jan can confirm this.
    Sounds like a great fight...I will be cheering for Gray, but I think florain is the better fighter right now. I also thought that BJ was unbeatable at LW.
    Who does BJ get next?

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    Default Re: UFC: First Shot At Frankie ?

    Frankie vs tyson griffin kenny florian or gray maynard
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