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Thread: UFC 112: Spoiler

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    Default Re: UFC 112: Spoiler

    Here Comes Maynard Edgar II

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    I scored it for BJ Penn 49-46. Tha said, it was close, and I dislike BJ heavily, so congrats to Frankie!
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    i personally thought penn won that fight, how did edgar win that fight yet shogon lost to machida?

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    Its crazy cause i read the sherdog pbp and they made it sound like penn clearly won then i watched the fight and couldnt believe how different my viewpoint was.

    Frankie fought brilliantly. His movement caused all sorts of problems for penn. Over the course of the fight it wore him down. In each round though he did not stay in the pocket, he never let penn get set to fire off his shots. He made him a counter striker, and while he still landed a lot of nice counter punches he wasnt able to dictate the pace like he usually does after firing off his jab.

    I also underestimated edgars chin. Everyone else seemed to get hit by penn and then not want to exchange. Edgar never really seemed phased. I think his movement and not staying in the pocket until he was set to get off first, allowed him to avoid a lot of flush punches and when he was getting his he was often times throwing first and still getting his in or at least finishing with a kick.

    Well deserved win by Edgar. I love his humble down to earth attitude, i love his work ethic and the way he continues to get better. I love his heart and grit, and of course I am a huge fan since he is a jersey wrestler. I am a huge edgar fan but i am on record as saying he has one percent chance of winning, so i am very happy he proved me wrong.

    Will be interesting to see if they give him a rematch with penn in the states or go with a fight against maynard or florian.

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    Edgars kicks make a big difference as well. He cut BJ with a head kick that was partially checked. BJ looked like an owl at the end of that fight. Those black eyes did not happen by themselves.

    Now I can compare 2 fighters who are supposed to be similar on paper on than size. Diego Sanchez and Frankie Edgar are both fighters with wrestling backgrounds, who both got into the sweet science, and got purple belts in BJJ. They are both known for great stamina and a ton of heart.

    The boxing you see from Sanchez is catered for mma. Frankie is textbook east coast boxing. You could see that a boxer was in there with BJ when Edgar was fighting. Not so with Sanchez. And of course, Frankie's wrestling is better. The difference in boxing ability and discipline to a good gameplan was the difference in their results.
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    Sanchez is so robotic and predictable with his striking. Usually comes straight forward and throws the same combinations on repeat. Hes pretty flatfooted and just seems very choppy.

    Frankie is definitely a better wrestler. I think sanchezs strengths lie in his scrambling ability on the ground and his gnp. He seemed to get away from that a bit, not that it would have helped in the penn fight. I would say penn seemed much sharper in the sanchez fight.

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