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Discuss anderson silva vs demian maia at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; honestly i think there could be a big upset here I think if it stays ...
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    Men anderson silva vs demian maia

    honestly i think there could be a big upset here I think if it stays on the feet to long maia will get destroyed but if maia can bring it to the ground early on and get a submission on before they are all slipery he can take it if he wins this one i suspect 1st or 2nd round sub or a UD if he can take him down and wear silva out the whole fight what are your thoughts on this fight?
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    Default Re: anderson silva vs demian maia

    The big IF in this fight is IF Maia can take it to the mat. Silva is no joke on the ground as well, so don't assume that Maia will dominate on the ground.
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    Default Re: anderson silva vs demian maia

    After watching Andre Galvao get swept over and over by Luke Stewart on ShoXC, I have now grounded these elite Abu Dhabi champions from flawless to beatable on the ground. I think Silva is good enough to hold his own the ground. Getting punched in the face changes a bjj match.
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    Default Re: anderson silva vs demian maia

    Anyone remember Demian Maia getting KO'd against Marquardt? Not trying to do any MMAth here, but if Marquardt can KO Maia like that, I just don't think he stands much of a chance here.
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