Is it only me, or did several other MMA fans notice a lot of strange coincidences which were included in the 24/7 program featuring Dan Hardy and Georges St-Pierre?

I frequently have episodes of deja vu, so I am not sure if this is an individual occurrence or a less unique and more universal one. Either way, I thought it interesting enough to write about it.

The biggest "coincidence", as Georges more or less indicated in his own on camera observation, is that every one of his challengers for the Welter Weight title has claimed that (due to his "weak chin"), he was going to knock Georges out. Add the Outlaw to that list.

My friend and co-sportswriter Stoker also makes much of Georges having a glass jaw because on one occasion out of 21 UFC contests, he crumpled and was unable to recover from a series of strikes by his first title challenger, Matt Serra.

Georges did not seem to lose consciousness, had the good sense to roll to his side, out from beneath Matt's fists, and tap out after being unable to regain his feet. Does that equal a weak jaw? It would not seem so to me.

Unlike Frank Mir, who is my friend's hero, Georges did not appear in danger of losing a limb or having his head detached from his neck, as was the case with Mir at the hands of Brock Lesnar, in meeting No. 2 for the pair.

Discretion being the better part of valor, I would rather see a fighter tap out and survive intact to fight a rematch than risk a broken limb, head injury, or cervical fracture from having his head bounced repeatedly off the mat, so I applauded Georges for his actions and see no weakness in his decision.

Apparently Dan Hardy sides with my friend Stoker.

Although I know that Hardy has a string of four wins since coming to the UFC, I thought that out of his remaining 20-some MMA matches, he had a total of six losses. The Outlaw feels this shows a superiority to Georges' 19-2 UFC record.

Not being a former math genius, even when my brain was operating at full efficiency, I somehow find Hardy's assessment as being "weak" and not Georges' jaw.

Another coincidence is the fact that Hardy alluded to Georges' "fake tan."

Now I am a self-confessed Georges freak and have watched all of his fights. For some reason, Georges has appeared much darker skinned than his opponents, a fact that I had associated with either his French-Canadian heritage or the fact that he enjoys visiting the nude beaches in France.

Silly me! I guess that now-a-days if a man is tan, he must have been sprayed that way and not have accomplished the skin tone in the more usual manner (by birth or exposure to the sun).

Whatever the origin of Georges' coloring, I sincerely doubt that Hardy "will beat the tan off of Georges." Surely any product that Georges has been using for the six years that he has been fighting must be a better product than that, or an old dolt like myself wouldn't have noticed it at the Grand Hotel fight where he had the Grand Hotel written across his tanned back in black letters.

In this recent filming of workouts, Georges' legs and derriere plus his "guns" are hyper developed beyond his past 24/7 appearance versus BJ Penn whom he out powered a few events back.

Now if BJ thought Georges was juicing then, what in heaven's name is Georges doing now to appear so vastly improved?

Well yeah, there is the Gatorade connection and the Under Armour sure does accentuate his physique beyond belief, I will admit that. Certainly better nutrition makes a difference over the typical MacDonald's diet that I have fallen victim to (because it is quick, easy, and has neat toys for the grandkids in the Happy Meals I prefer).

Dan Hardy is pretty buff himself, although I don't recall him discussing his dietary regimen. His teeth leave a lot to be desired compared to Georges beautiful smile. I hear that dental care in Britain is a mess.

Sure enough, Hardy was dragging weights around the gym floor, while Georges was power lifting and then jumping while still holding them above his head. It seems that the weights that Hardy and his mate were dragging were the size of the ones Jonathan Chaimberg had tethered to Georges' waist and made him do chin-ups with in the last 24/7. (That, Jonathan, would be the death of me. I can drag weights around, but forget lifting them—that is too hard for me, possibly for Dan too).

When Georges went to work out with Renzo Gracie I recalled that there was a certain conflict of interest when Georges fought with Matt Serra, who is also a Gracie-trained fighter, and what do you know, at the end of this first of three installments, in comes Matt Serra to help train Hardy! Wow!

In a cyclic sense this has a certain symmetry, too, because Renzo will be fighting Matt Hughes in Abu Dabi later this spring. Hughes of course beat Georges in their first meeting as did Serra, and Hughes supposedly beat Serra in their matchup recently, although I dispute that decision and think Serra was robbed!

Whew! More excitement than Grandma can comprehend will ensue in the next two 24/7 installments, then even after UFC 111!

I can hardly wait!

Coincidence, or are we indeed soon to be entering another dimension?