Antwain Britt (11-3) is a large man in a smaller, but still generally larger man’s, body.

The light heavyweight is coming off a win in his StrikeForce debut over Scott Lighty and continues to gain attention in the 205 lbs. division of MMA.

Training out of The Hybrid Academy of Martial Arts, Britt has made a five year journey to get to where he is now and found MMA to be his bread and butter.

“I wanted to fight and I was pretty heavy over weight,” said Britt in an exclusive Bleacher Report MMA interview. “I was about a little bit over 300 pounds. I did it mostly to get in shape. Ended up being really good at it.”

For those who aren’t very good at math, that’s over 95 lbs. that the Virginia Beach, VA. native had to burn off his frame in order to compete. One can’t fathom losing that much just to get in shape, let alone to fight professionally.

“It was rough, but I made it.”

In his win over Lighty, Antwain overcame the first hurdle of anyone making their debut in a fight promotion; a huge deal for him.

“It was a big weight off my shoulders. The first win is pivotal and kind of sets you up to where you’re going to go. I think it set me up…to be one of the front runners in the light heavyweight division in StrikeForce.”

Now that Britt has gotten over his StrikeForce debut jitters, he stands as a potential contender to the top ranks. His strength and size are perfect examples of why his nickname, “juggernaut.” Someone of that character knows exactly what he enjoys utilizing in the cage.

“Definitely the striking. I’m more of a striker…everybody loves a good knockout and could appreciate that. I love to give the crowd what they want."

Quite the showman is Antwain Britt. A fighter for the people, perhaps? Maybe so. Any fighter that stays in touch with the fans and appeals to what they like can easily become their voice in the cage.

So, while Britt smashes his way through the competition, his eyes remain on the prize and he can smell it like a predator after his prey.

“A title shot is not to far in the future. A couple more good wins, it puts me in line for a title shot.”

That shot would be against one of two fighters after April 17: Gegard Mousasi or Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal .

Mousasi, being the current champion of the division, is well respected by “The Juggernaut.”

“I think Mousasi’s a good champion. He’s a pretty well rounded guy.”

As much as he respects the Dutch-Armenian champ, he sees one distinct advantage over him.

“I think I hit a lot harder than he does…I think it’ll be a good fight.”

When asked if he thinks he can lay a whooping to Mousasi’s backside, Antwain had one quick and short answer when he said, “Oh yeah, definitely!”

The UFC currently stands as the popular opinion when talking about the best light heavyweights in the world. While StrikeForce sits as the industry‘s consensus number two, Antwain feels he and his colleagues stand out just as much as any fighter in the rival promotion to his own.

“All the front runners in that division are dangerous guys…and could be competitive in any organization in the world.”

This kind of confidence is a component when training for his fights and helps Antwain in his everyday climb.

“If I know I have a chance to really put a guy on his ass, then that definitely motivates me in the gym to get to the next level.”

Time in the gym even counts as quality time with the lady he intends to marry since his fiancé currently holds a purple belt in jiu-jitsu.

How many guys can say that they have a mate that supports them so much, they are willing to beat them up a bit? Apart from Brandon Vera and Evangelista Santos, not many.

Like many fighters in the game, Antwain has some big aspirations.

“[Being] Strikeforce champ,” said Britt. “Being able to cross over into mainstream media. Be…all around, as big an athlete as I can.”

Being big in the media is only a the icing on the cake. Antwain aspires to do all that he can to make a name for himself, even beyond MMA.

“I’m, pretty much, open to do anything that, you know, I think can benefit…my career,” said Antwain. “The Juggernaut” even joked around and thought of some movie roles he can easily slide into when he said, “I can be Mr. T in A-Team 2!”

For now, “Rampage” will play the role of B.A. Baracus while Antwain Britt waits for the announcement of his next opponent. That next opponent is still up in the air, but the fight will likely take place in the next two months with StrikeForce events in the works for both April and May.

Look out for “The Juggernaut” to roll through a StrikeForce cage soon.