After two exciting rounds of Fantasy MMA action, we have reached the regional championships. But before we get into this week’s matchups, let’s take a look at what happened in round two.

In the Brazil region, Anderson Silva was able to defeat Junior Dos Santos by a vote of nine to six, while Cain Velasquez managed to edge out Lyoto Machida by a vote of eight to seven.

Fedor Emelianenko dominated the voting in the Japan region by defeating Antonio Rogerio Nogueira by a vote of 15-0. Also in dominating fashion, Mauricio Rua defeated BJJ ace Ronaldo Souza 13 to two.

Advancing in the U.S. regional are B.J. Penn and Dan Henderson. Both managed to squeak out eight to seven victories over Rashad Evans and Vitor Belfort respectively.

Finally, from the Canada region, Georges St. Pierre defeated Quinton Jackson by a vote of 11 to four and Gegard Mousasi moved past Jon Jones by a vote of 13 to two.

As we move into the Regional Championship Round, we have some truly great matchups to contemplate. Will size continue to play a huge factor or will skill reign supreme?

Brazil Regional Championship

Anderson Silva, UFC MW (1) vs. Cain Velasquez, UFC HW (3)

What more can we say about Anderson Silva that hasn’t already been said before; the man is simply amazing inside the Octagon. But if there is one area of his game that is cause for concern, it is his wrestling.

Would Velasquez’s superior and relentless wrestling attack combined with his size advantage be enough to overcome the mastery of mayhem that is Anderson Silva?

Or would Silva continue to cut though his competition like a buzz saw?

Japan Regional Championship

Fedor Emelianenko, Strikeforce HW (1) vs. Mauricio Rua, UFC LHW (2)

Fedor is widely regarded as the greatest heavyweight to ever compete in MMA and rightfully so. The knock against him is the level of competition he has faced since the fall of Pride.

Rua on the other hand is just now beginning to regain that aura he had about him during his dominate run in Pride—a point in time when he was considered to be the best light-heavyweight fighter on the planet.

Could Rua’s speed and varied attack take down a legend?

Or would the mystique of Fedor live on?

US Regional Championship

B.J. Penn, UFC LW (1) vs. Dan Henderson, Strikeforce MW (2)

For the first two rounds of the tournament, B.J. Penn has made it past larger opposition. While his skills are undeniable, will the size of Henderson play a key role in the outcome of this fight?

Henderson is a powerful wrestler with an iron chin and a brick for a right hand. Will he be able to out the last “little man” of the tourney?

Canada Regional Championship

Georges St. Pierre, UFC WW (1) vs. Gegard Mousasi, Strikeforce LHW (2)

This matchup is possibly the most intriguing of the entire round.

GSP basically has the skill set that every up and coming fighter should strive for; his striking is crisp and he mixes it up well, his BJJ is solid especially when in the top position, and his wrestling is functionally the best in MMA.

Does the young and talented Mousasi have enough tricks in his bag to defeat GSP? Or will GSP continue to ground and pound his way to the finals?

As always, please leave your picks in the comment section.