As I listened to Jens Pulver outline his history with Dana White and the UFC after he lost his fight at WEC 47 on March 6, I had an epiphany.

The crowd was cheering for Jens in spite of the fact that he had just lost his seventh out of eight fights.

Jens Pulver is not just an historic UFC figure—a lightweight legend of MMA—he is a much loved, charismatic person.

Just like a cheerful little mutt with different colored eyes, he is a puppy of a human kind. People are drawn to him because he really cares and is very approachable.

I should know, since he is one of my favorite Facebook friends.

Jens is as real as it gets. He blogs and posts the happenings of his everyday life—his trials and tribulations with many, featuring his wife Nikka and son Karson.

Remembering to put the garbage out on the right day is a challenge for him, which often sees him chasing the garbage truck up his street in a state of undress. This is much to his F/B friends' delight to hear he is as forgetful as they are and suffers the consequences of a cold shoulder and "no coffee" from his diminutive wife.

Watching the videos he posts of Karson punching out an inflatable penguin and following Daddy Jens' instructions to "go to full or half guard, punch him, kick him or take him down and go to full guard again" are priceless moments of joy for his friends, as well as the proud father himself.

The day Jens posted the picture of a large hog displaying what a stud he was (yes, I am talking testicles here) and seeing the look on Jens' face as he ogled the sight was a momentous occasion for all his fans.

Jens shared his thoughts on his marriage and his bride's shower, a picture of his comically decorated wedding cake, and the double entendre "coffee tales," making him one of the most amusing friends I can claim.

When Dana assured Chuck Liddell (whom Dana had just publicly pronounced as being "retired" from fighting after his Rua loss) that he would always have a job with the UFC even if it was as the Director of Fun, Chuck didn't even crack a smile. Even Chuck's charming partner on Dancing With the Stars had a difficult time getting the Iceman to lighten up (until they began dating and showing up together at UFC events).

It appears very forced when Chuck does smile, but not so with the twinkling eyed Jens.

If I had to choose between them, the mischievous, grinning Jens would appear to be a lot more fun than stoic, uptight Chuck.

So I will stick my neck out and suggest that since Jens has not profited from his association with the UFC as much as the Iceman has, why not throw him a bone and make him the official UFC CEO of Fun?

Heck, I am smiling right now just contemplating what "Lil Evil" would bring to the proverbial table.