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Thread: Toney vs. Kimbo

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    Default Toney vs. Kimbo

    Im guessing this fight will take place.

    Toneys trainer, Juanito Ibarra, recently suggested that they would like this fight.

    Kimbos trainer said they would be open to the fight.

    Kimbo vs. Mitrione has been removed from the ufc website.

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    Default Re: Toney vs. Kimbo

    Kimbo v. Mercer II
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    Default Re: Toney vs. Kimbo

    So kimbo would seek to expose the new one dimentional guy. Could backfire if Tomey lands a shot. I'm not into kimbo, hershal walker and any other fighters getting airtime for their fame instead of skills
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    Default Re: Toney vs. Kimbo

    yea i dont really have much interest in seeing kimbo fight, but i guess i cant blame the ufc for putting him on the main card.

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    Default Re: Toney vs. Kimbo

    Kimbo vs. Toney would be a sensible fight for both fighters, as well as from a business perspective. Neither guy is a serious threat, nor do they belong in the title picture. As long as it's not the Main Event, I'm cool with it being on the main card.
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    Default Re: Toney vs. Kimbo

    zapp your thoughts james tony thread you started?

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    Kimbo versus Toney is a great fight. Two brothas from the hood with big names in MMA for much different reasons. Kimbo would be carrying the MMA flag for MMA enthusiasts, the world over, while Lights Out James Toney tries to mob in and prove that boxing is superior to MMA. The match up is reasonably even, with Toney having the hands edge and Kimbo being the more well rounded and more athletic fighter. You'd have to be quite nigardly to not pony up and order this fight.
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    Default Re: Toney vs. Kimbo

    Looks like you wont have to pay for this fight.

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    Default Re: Toney vs. Kimbo

    The poster is carmichael dave who is a radio host for mma and is very legit with his info.

    I had Yahoo's Kevin Iole on my radio show just a few minutes ago, and asked him about the rumor. His response: "I think you hit a home run with that one, that's what I've been hearing."

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