I am not worried about the cut since its only 5 lbs and theres plenty of material about how to cut weight.

But once i step off the scale after weighing in on target (171) i am not 100% sure how to go about eating and drinking. Correct me if im wrong but i thought u are suppose to start off slow drinking about a small cup of water every 10-20 minutes then eat soft/easily digestable food after about an hour or 2.

currently im on the acid/alkaline diet and my daily food is pretty much the same every day.

breakfast: large cup vegitable juice from juicer (romaine, spinach, carrot, little raisins)
wheat bread tuna sandwich with spinach and olive oil.

brunch: banana / almonds

lunch: salmon, broccoli(with hummus dip), sweep potato, wheat bread.

post lunch: banana / almonds with agave nectar

dinner: whole grain pasta with spinach, goat cheese, tuna, and other veggies. possibly more veggie juice.

would this be ok stuff to eat 3-5 hours before the fight? im cutting out the goat cheese the last week since its acidic.