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Discuss Sengoku 11 Roundup. Very Enjoyable MMA. at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; World Victory Road put on an exciting collection of fights Saturday night with Sengoku 11. ...
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    Star Sengoku 11 Roundup. Very Enjoyable MMA.

    World Victory Road put on an exciting collection of fights Saturday night with Sengoku 11.

    Eclipsed by the Strikeforce event here in the states, it is still a show that should not be overlooked.

    Here are some highlights from the event.


    Heavyweight Bout: Dave Herman vs. Jim York

    Jim york is a big guy, who decided to go for a heel lock.* Herman pounded him with legs from the other side of the lock and knocked him out with kicks.* It was a very unexpected ending and impressive to watch.* Herman dropped his legs like axe chops and you can see York go limp while still entangled.


    Featherweight Bout: Yuji Hoshino vs. Marlon Sandro

    Quick and vicious knockout by Marlon Sandro in this one.* Sandro was angry out of the gate and ready to prove his power after his split decision loss at Sengoku 9 .


    Welterweight Bout: Akihiro Gono vs. Yoon Young Kim

    Yoon Young Kim was giving out noodles and Michael Schiavello is already calling it for Fedor.* Boring fight, until the third round where Gono turns on the heat. Gono takes a decision, but doesn't look amazing in the process.


    Light Heavyweight Bout: Stanislav Nedkov vs. Kevin Randleman

    Kevin Randleman looks pretty solid for a 38-year-old, but he isn't putting himself out there enough.* In a decision that could have gone either way, Nedkov wins. It's almost a downer to see Randleman lose in such a smaller organization.


    Lightweight Bout: Kazunori Yokota vs. Eiji Mitsuoka

    Another solid fight that goes to a decision for Yokota.* Lots of grappling, some fun slams, and solid striking in the third round.* Mitsuoka was the favorite but Yokota wanted it more.


    Lightweight Bout: Satoru Kitaoka vs. Jorge Masvidal

    Masvidal was just too big for Kitaoka, and the smaller former champion couldn't get away from Jorge's fists.


    Middleweight Bout: Jorge Santiago vs. Mamed Khalidov

    Khalidov pulls off an upset here in round one with some effortless ground and pound.


    Featherweight Bout: Michihiro Omigawa vs. Hatsu Hioki

    Hioki stuck to a game-plan that played to his strengths, while Omigawa knocked the snot out of his opponent several times. Hioki is a tough bastard, and personally I thought he won the fight by taking both the first and second rounds.* It's good to know that bad judging doesn't just plague the UFC.


    Pound for pound it was a great event with everything that an MMA show needs. I haven't seen ground kicks end a fight in a long time!*

    Sengoku showcases hungrier fighters than DREAM, and a lot fewer freak matches.* You don't get the biggest names in the business, but you get a lot of quality competition.

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    Default Re: Sengoku 11 Roundup. Very Enjoyable MMA.

    I was disappointed in Herman's performance. Though he got the W. York is a genetic freak, similar to Lesnar. He just doesn't have as solid of a wrestling base. Though, credit to York, he has submission skills. So its no surprise York did well. However, I really want Herman in Strikeforce with his stock high. Rogers vs Herman, Man!

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