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Discuss Justin's UFC 100 Main Card Predictions at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Hello all, I am back for my predictions for the main card of UFC 100. ...
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    Star Justin's UFC 100 Main Card Predictions

    Hello all,

    I am back for my predictions for the main card of UFC 100. This is such a monumental event I am so stoked for it that I am taking friday off work since I don't think I can be productive anyway. Anyway, here are my predictions:

    UFC Heavyweight World Title Unification: Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir

    This is a huge fight(both figuratively and physically). I guess I don't care who will win, neither of them appeals to me all that much. It's a typical clash of styles, strength vs skills.
    I am not saying Brock got no skills, it's just that Mir is so knowledgeable of the fight game it's like if Brock is an elementary student of the game then Mir would probably be writing his thesis for his Master's.

    Does that mean Mir would win? Meh, I still think it is a close fight.

    However, Mir's window of winning will start closing at about two minutes into the fight. I believe that the longer the fight goes, the more battered Mir will be and the more difficult it will be for him to exploit any openings that might present themselves due to Lesnar's inexperience.

    Therefore, I am going with STILL the UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world, Brock Lesnar!!

    Winner: Brock Lesnar via Corner Stoppage Round Three

    UFC Welterweight Championship of the World: Georges St. Pierre vs Thiago Alves

    Another big fight. I am a huge GSP fan and I was shocked at how little the countdown special covered this fight. Anyway, Thiago Alves presents huge problems for GSP by the name of Puncher's Chance and Takedown Defence.

    Don't get me wrong, this is in no way an insult to Alves' fighting abilities. What I am saying is just that he is very good at what he is good at, and it is knocking people out.

    However, GSP is not "people," he is the MAN, the champ. Okay, back to the fight, I think if I was Alves, I would try to take GSP down. Not saying right from the get go, but at some point during the fight.

    You know, offence is the best defence, and if Alves can be the aggressor or at least somewhat aggressive with the takedowns, then it will definitely reduce the the number of takedown attempts from GSP.

    Alves doesn't even need to be successful, just try it to give GSP something else to think about. That's when he can really try to open up with his strikes to try to get the knock out.

    Sounds like a plan huh? Now knowing how thorough GSP is with his gameplans, I think he probably has considered the possibility of Alves trying to take him down to confuse him. So maybe this plan isn't so good afterall.

    The thing is, Alves really doesn't have that many options to his disposal, while GSP has many ways to win the fight. Let me just go out on the limb and say that if this fight goes the distance, there is no way in hell Alves will win because nine times out of 10, the better fighter wins the five round decision.

    I truly believe GSP is way better as a fighter so I believe if this fight goes to the decision, GSP will win by a landslide. What about submissions? See this I believe is where the fight is going to be won by GSP. Correct me if I am wrong, GSP attempted a leg lock in the Koscheck fight and the Fitch fight, failing both attempts.

    This time I think he will attempt for the same submission only to get it this time. It doesn't take much to see that when it comes to GSP, my support is as blind as it comes, so I would like to apologize for this unprofessional breakdown.

    Winner: GSP, Submission via Leg Lock, Round Two

    Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping

    This could be a boring fight. Bisping is exciting only when he fights guys that are not in the same league as him. Think Josh Haynes and Charles McCarthy. On the other hand, Hendo just hasn't been that exciting ever since he made it back to the UFC. Realistically the winner could be predicted about 1 minute into the fight.

    All we need to see is whether Bisping can overwhelm Henderson with his striking early in the fight. If he can't, then expect Hendo to control this fight by mixing his takedowns, GnPs and his big hands. People only talk about his right hand, but the truth is he's got power in both his hands.

    Stylistically, this ain't a good fight for Bisping and I believe Henderson could try to finish his opponent for the first time since his return to the UFC.

    Winner: Henderson, TKO via Ground and Pound

    Jon Fitch vs Paulo Thiago

    The only thing big about this fight is Jon Fitch. Sure Thiago knocked out Koscheck but Koscheck was winning until he got caught with that uppercut. Thiago could talk all day long about how he practiced that uppercut-left hook combination 50 times a day before the fight, it was still a "puncher's chance come true" kinda thing.

    The truth is, Koscheck got overzealous and left his chin wide open. If they were to have a rematch, I believe the outcome would be a lot different. Anyway, I don't think Fitch will spend much time on his feet and take Thiago down early and often en route to an UD.

    Winner: Fitch, Unanimous Decision

    Yoshikiro Akiyama vs Alan Belcher

    This could be a fun fight and a sleeper for Fight of the Night. Do not underestimate Belcher, I believe this fight is a lot closer than people think. I think the outcome will depend on one thing—"Octagon Jitters." This is something that fans like me can never imagine but apparently exists.

    If Akiyama gets it, then it could be a long night for the Japanese sexbomb.

    If Akiyama can overcome the jitters, I think he has more power in his strikes while Belcher has better techniques, but not by much. I will say Akiyama will overwhelm Belcher will his striking power and if it goes to the ground, the advantage will also go to Akiyama.

    Winner: Akiyama via TKO, Round One

    Those are my predictions for the night and I am sure some people will agree with them and some won't. Don't hesitate to share your thoughts!

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    Default Re: Justin's UFC 100 Main Card Predictions

    Henderson, TKO via Ground and Pound

    that would be great, but GSP winning by leglock seems very unlikely
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