UFC 99 is a very stacked card!! Here are my first MMA Predictions at B/R.

Al Turk vs Cro Cop

This marks the return of Mirko CroCop. Seeing how Kongo destroyed Al Turk at UFC 92, I think CroCop will have to put on a more dominant performance to prove that he is still worthy of being considered as a contender. While I can't say that he will destroy Al Turk, I think Cro Cop will out-strike Al Turk and get a Second Round TKO.

Spencer Fisher vs Caol Uno

I am an Asian myself. However, I don't think Uno's comeback will be successful this time against "The King." The trend is that there aren't very many successful Japanese fighters other than Yushin Okami in the UFC.

I just think that genetically they just don't have what it takes to compete at weight classes higher than 135 (I am sure some of you will have something to say about this comment).

On the other hand, Spencer Fisher is pretty much the perfect gatekeeper for the UFC 155lb division. I see this going the distance with Fisher winning an Unanimous Decision.

Marcus Davis vs Dan Hardy

Now this is a tough fight to pick because things have escalated to such a personal level for both fighters, especially Davis. I think the match comes down to Davis' experience vs Hardy's youth.

I think if Hardy can be smart and use his height and reach advantage to frustrate Davis and lull Davis into making mistakes with all this anger built up in him, he might have a chance of knocking him out. If this goes to a decision I think Marcus will win it. I am going out on a limb and pick Hardy via Third Round TKO.

Ben Saunders vs Mike Swick

This is a fight that I am truly excited for. The chance of this fight going to a decision is probably as slim as the chance of the Knicks winning the NBA Championship in the next 5 years.

Anyway, as for Mike Swick, he hasn't impressed me ever since he dropped to 170. Hell, he hadn't impressed me even when he was in 185. But I think that people have put too much expectations on him to do big things at 170 that it messed him up mentally.

Other than the Goulet fight, it seems he's been having a hard time pulling the trigger against anyone else, and I think its just because Swick knew Goulet had no chin.

It just seems he doesn't enjoy fighting as much as he used to. On the other hand, Ben Saunders is young and crazy, and definitely enjoys his time in the octagon. I personally would like to see "Killer B" get the win and I think he will based on his larger frame.

I don't think he will be able to get Swick in the clinch to do the kind of damage that he did to Brandon Wolff though. Ben will probably catch Swick in an exchange and remain undefeated in pro fighting. So Saunders by TKO in Second Round.

Cain Velasquez vs Cheick Kongo

Before I talk about this fight, can someone please tell me if it is "CANE" or "KA-INN" Velasquez. Cuz I swear I have heard people calling him "KA-INN" before. Anyway, this fight is meant to be the coming out party for Cain when they lined him up with Heath Herring.

Now that Herring is out and Kongo is in, I believe this is a tougher fight for the AKA prospect. One thing to keep in mind is that Kongo hasn't been finished in FIVE YEARS and he has become 10 times the fighter since then. With that said, I think Valesquez is a beast and has been improving at a faster rate than Kongo.

What we haven't seen is whether or not he has the gas tank to go three rounds with someone like Kongo. I am thinking that he does and I see this being a close fight with Cain Velasquez winning via Unanimous Decision.

Rich Franklin vs Wanderlei Silva

Finally, the main event! This fight is fought at 195 pounds and there have been different opinions on whether or not it is a smart move. I personally don't give a damn. Back to the fight itself, if this fight was fought 3 years ago, I could have assured you that it would not go to a decision. But in 2009, I actually think this fight could go the distance.

A lot of hype has been going into the fact that Anderson helped Rich prepare for this fight. I am sure it helps Rich but it wouldn't have the kind of impact that most are made to believe it has.

If Rich wins, it's cuz he is the better fighter, and if Silva wins, its cuz Silva is better. With that said, though both are strikers, I still see this fight as a clash of styles: a methodical composed striker vs the brawler who likes to go nuts.

Ironically, either of them are that skilled (relative to the likes of Lyoto and Anderson, don't get me wrong, either Rich or Wandi will beat the crap out of me with their pinkie).

Objectively, I think this fight favors Franklin but I really want Silva to win so he could go on to fight Anderson. So I am going with Silva by KO First Round.