Congratulations on your victory (against Ross Clifton). Did it go as well as you hoped?

It went better than I hoped, I worked really hard on my stand up before the fight and as you could tell it paid off.

Was there a lot of pressure on you coming into the fight to get a win and break your losing streak?

I don?t feel pressure when I?m out there When you?re competing at such a high level records don?t mean much they?re just numbers to me.

There was a lot of controversy in your bout with Kimbo Slice when you were forced to withdraw from the bout at the last minute, what happened exactly?

I was practicing some drills during a brief training session and I cut myself, its was unfortunate but these things happen. I wanted to fight regardless but I wasn?t cleared to fight so It really wasn?t my choice.

Many people believed that you backed out the (Kimbo) fight intentionally, what do you have to say about this?

Listen man, I have never ducked anyone in my whole career, I would fight Tito (Ortiz) again in my basement if I have to. I?ve faced them all and you think I?m going to be scared to fight somone newcomer with 3 MMA fights?. If I didn?t get cut that day I would be wearing Kimbo?s ankle as a necklace right now.

Many people believe that you intentionally lost to Rich Franklin back in 2005, what do you have to say to those people?

I always get asked about this, what happened was I dived to grab a hold of his leg but he caught me on the way down. He (Franklin) knows the truth ? I just wish I could have done a better job. That?s all I have to say about that.

There have many instances in past fights where you have protested the referee stoppage, do you feel that they were justified, for example the Sakuraba and Tito fights and do you think this is a widespread problem?

In the Sakuraba fight he didn?t even connect man, he hit me and I slipped. The main reason it was stopped was because I turned by back but I did it because I was setting up him for a reverse ankle lock. I don?t think the referee understood and took it as an indication that I was hurt. I stood up immediately, I think it was a bad call but it can be difficult for the ref sometimes and I understand that.

We keep hearing about a potential bout between you and Frank (Shamrock) that has been years in the making, will it ever be signed?

As far as the fight goes ? Frank better keep his ass at 185. After all the things my father did for him, then he just turns his back. I would love to personally teach him a lesson on respect and humility. Who has he beat to be even be thinking of facing me? See here?s a thing many people don?t know ? back when we used to spar together, one time I caught him with a left hook followed by a right straight and KO?d him. He was out for at least 2 minutes we almost had to perform CPR for precautionary reasons, I think he?s still bitter from those days. He likes to call me an old man, but buddy, last time I checked you weren?t looking so young in your last fight. I think he?s got a big mouth and someone needs to shut it for good.

Frank has recently stated that he has no interest in this match up anymore due to you testing positive for banned substances, is this a fight that you still want?

First off, I wouldn?t want to fight me either. I don?t know if he?s scared or what, maybe he just kept using my name to stay in the spotlight. I would absolutely fight Frank just so I could publicly embarrass him for all those years of disrespect. I?m not retiring until I put Frank in the ground, whether he is willing to step up or not is his choice.

According to the NSAC you tested positive for Stanozolol, as well as two Nandrolone-based substances, were you aware that you had these substances in your system?

I can honestly say that I did not knowingly take steroids, I engage in a high protein diet and work out that?s all it takes, whether the substances were in one of the supplements I took ? I don?t know but I was willing to step up and submit to immediate testing in Sacramento to prove my innocence.

What do you think about the new generation of fighters like Fedor Emelianenko?

He (Fedor) is definitely one of the best in the game today, but the thing is that he leaves these little openings ? a fighter who likes to brawl and is keen on leg locks would in my opinion have the best shot at beating him. Back then guys were only disciplined in one or maybe two areas of fighting, now to compete you need to be well versed in all aspects.

Why you do you suspect that the best plan of attack would be to go for lower body submissions?

I?ve noticed in a couple of his fights that when he is setting up his punches in someones guard he tends to rise up and leave his legs exposed. The opportunity is there its just that no has managed to take advantage of it yet. I know he?s a good submission guy himself but everyone gets caught.

We know you have considered going into movie industry in the past, would you consider doing this this full time once you are done with your MMA career?

It?s funny you should mention that ? I was actually approached by Ron Howard to star in one of his movies. They thought my popularity would make for good sales, and I have experience in doing that kind of stuff so the acting part would not be a problem. But there were so many things going on in my personal life so I couldn?t accept the offer at the time although I would like to do something similar in future.