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Discuss UFC 99 Main Event Picks at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Rich Franklin vs Wanderlei Silva UFC betting handicappers know that UFC 99 isn’t the card ...
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    Star UFC 99 Main Event Picks

    Rich Franklin vs Wanderlei Silva

    UFC betting handicappers know that UFC 99 isn’t the card that UFC 100 will be, but it still has some marquee fights. Although Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva have somewhat faded due to recent losses and probably shouldn’t be headlining a card on their own, they will be look to vault themselves back up the food chain with a win.

    Both fighters are over the age of 30 so their best years are clearly behind them. At the same time, a win can get them some redemption.

    Franklin is looking for redemption after taking a couple of bad beatings at the hands of Anderson Silva, and then also losing to Dan Henderson. Meanwhile, Silva is looking to make amends after Quinton "Rampage" Jackson punched a hole through his face in his last fight.

    The difference here is that Franklin is still 12-3 in his last 15 fights and his losses are fairly credible. After all, Anderson Silva has beaten down a number of people.

    But for Wanderlei Silva, he’s now lost four of his last five fights and UFC betting experts know that the writing might be on the wall.

    Silva has the power to end the fight with one punch but as long as Franklin avoids it, he should be the victor.

    Pick: Franklin

    Cain Velasquez vs Cheick Kongo

    Cheick Kongo might be one step away from superstardom. So might Cain Velasquez.

    Kongo is a fan favorite because he is a big hitter and can knock almost anyone out with a punch if he connects right. But most fans like a knockout artist.

    But don’t be fooled. Velasquez is the better fighter. For starters, Kongo is virtually useless on the ground so if it comes to that, he’s going to be in trouble.

    Velasquez is a smart fighter, though, so there is a very good chance it will come to that.

    So far in the UFC, Velasquez is 5-0 and has TKO’d every opponent. Four of those opponents lost in the first round and only one has even made it as far as the second round against him.

    Kongo is a good fighter and he is getting better but he would be better served to have one other intermediary opponent prior to fighting Velasquez. As it stands now, Velasquez will do his best to get the fight to the ground and reap his advantages.

    Pick: Velasquez

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    Default Re: UFC 99 Main Event Picks

    InterMat's UFC Monster weighs in with his picks for UFC 99...


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