Hearing the news that Randy Couture had filed for divorce shocked me.

Yes, I know.

I did write an article right here on Bleacher Report telling why Kim's fight with another young lady (I had never heard of) had been cancelled due to rumors of marital discord, but silly old Grandma that I am, I was still surprised and yes, shocked when the rumors were confirmed by Randy's actions.

When I posted another article with a picture of a tattoo that I stated I would like to have as my own 63-year-old version of a tramp stamp, not a soul commented on my article, but commented on the fact that Grandma was considering some skin art.

That was shocking to me as well.

I have considered doing some wild and crazy things in my life and usually at least one kind hearted person has tried to reason with me.

Not in the case of Granny's proposed tramp stamp.

Consequently, I am left wondering why.

The only thing I have heard lately about the world of MMA gossip and/or fact is the following true story about one of my favorite heroes and fighters.

On May 6, in Omaha, Nebraska, as reported originally by WOWT.com, Houston Alexander found a child crying alone in a car, reported the situation, and stayed with the child until the mother was found.

Strangely enough, a cousin who was supposed to have been watching the child (the age of neither one reported), was found with the mother who was selling blood at a plasma bank.

The authorities from Child Welfare were notified, and (I doubt that even with Mother's Day quickly approaching) they awarded the abandoned child's mother with any well wishes on this particular occasion.

Leaving children alone, even in an unlocked car, as in this particular case, is not wise or safe in any circumstance.

Luckily, Houston Alexander, not an opportunist or a pedophile, discovered the sobbing child and did just what I would expect any reasonable human being to do by comforting the child and assuring its safety until the mother was found.

Although Houston will not be fighting on the UFC 98 card as planned, due to having broken his hand, he does not have to ever win another fight for me to know without a doubt that he is a hero with limitless love and courage.

When I first learned in November of 2007, from reading an article by Jen Aniano—an MMA writer here on Bleacher Report, that Houston had donated a kidney to his daughter, I knew full well the caliber of man he is.

Any man who would sacrifice himself for his child is next to God in my book.

I do love the way he has handled himself while fighting for the UFC, but his selflessness has raised him above the other fighters regardless of the numbers in his win-loss columns.

No matter what happens when Houston steps into the cage with either Andre Gusmao (whom he was scheduled to fight on May 23) or someone else, I am in awe of the man for his courage outside the cage and his unlimited compassion.

The world, as well as the sport of MMA, need more men like Houston Alexander.