Saitama, Japan. July 20, 2009

You want Hell on Earth? Well you will find it there when Joachim “Hellboy” Hansen returns to combat the WAMMA Lightweight Champion Shinya Aoki at DREAM 10.

Joachim has been very vocal regarding his general disregard for the UFC and its president, Dana White.

Hansen was even once quoted as saying he would rather have “Bleeding Hemorrhoids” than fight for the UFC. His resistance to work with Dana and the UFC in general is admired and supported by many fighters around the world. He is another example of a long list of international fighters that have resisted the Pride takeover by the UFC.

In any event this will be Hansen’s first fight since he hammered Aoki last July at DREAM 5.

Aoki is well known for his vicious ground game and has defeated Hansen in the past. “Pride Shockwave 2006” was an event Hansen would like to forget as he fell victim, like so many others, to Aoki’s ground game via gogoplata. This should be an exciting rubber match between the two. Both fighters are considered by many to be among the top five pound for pound fighters in the world—certainly in their weight class.

Weight class does not seem to be much of a concern to Aoki who frequently fights larger men. He even recently engaged the mighty Fedor Emelianenko in a five minute grappling display in Tokyo, Japan.

Critics of this match say Fedor did not exactly take the match seriously.

DREAM 8 also showed Aoki’s willingness to fight at a higher weight class but he found himself thoroughly dominated by his opponent Hayato Sakuri via KO in a quick 27 seconds. Once again, DREAM showed its divergent rules from the UFC, as he was destroyed by knees while grounded.

In any event there is little doubt that Hansen will do whatever he can to avoid Aoki’s superior ground game and force a stand up contest. Some have criticized Hansen in the past for being overly aggressive. He readily accepts that he has this tendency, but he will surely display some caution against Aoki.

Look for a stand up war as Hansen uses his incredible take down defense to thwart Aoki’s attempt to bring it to the ground. Should Hansen manage to keep it standing then Aoki will likely fall to the strength of Hansen’s overwhelming stand up attack which includes, arguably, the best knee strikes in the world putting him into the rare air occupied by the likes of Wanderlei and Anderson Silva.

It has been long anticipated, and the excitement is building for what will surely be one of the great fights of the night.

by Marco Yanitelli “The Italian Scallion”