Thats right.

Enter if you dare becaue im thinking of a whole new type of MMA promotion that could just kick the garbage out of the UFC.

First of all there would be many changes in the structure of the fights. The most prevalent are as follows:

1. The ring is round with high walls and has a Sand covered floor

2. There would be no rounds—fights would go on till there is a winner.

3. No Judges. Because there is never a decision to make there is no need for Judges.

4. Fighters can wrap their fists but are not allowed gloves or shoes.

5. There is no Weight class—No weight divisions. You enter the Coliseum as you are—no need to cut weight.

6. The fighters are all announced but the actual match ups are determined randomly at the start of the event.

7. Fighters will get paid an amount agreed upon based on the profit of the event. Finally they can make money for the effort they put forth.

8. A fighters record is irrelevant when determining qualifications of applicant fighters. It will be announced but I don't care if a guy has lost 20 in a row—he can still take his chances in the Coliseum.

9. Fighters will also recieve money from PPV returns and any other profit making effort including concessions and merchandise.

10. At the end of a fight if the loser gets a thumbs down from the crowd then he can never return to the Coliseum again.

Rampage Jackson and Bas Rutten will commentate.

There will be fireworks, loud music, lots of beer, and a pre-fight production similar to Bushido.

11. One "superfight" will occur at every event- it will be the only pre-determined fight and will be used to draw fans and provide a little structure.

12. Win the crowd and you win even if you are beaten. Give the effort and it will always be rewarded based on popularity, showmanship, and crowd favor that night.

OK. Feel free to rip this apart. I think it might work though...

A question I have that is not directly related to this event—what would happen if the fighters unionized?