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Thread: Tito v. Rashad: Draw Opinions?

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    Default Tito v. Rashad: Draw Opinions?

    I haven't gotten a chance to see the fight yet, for those of you that have, what is your take on the draw?

    Edit: Found the video and am In the process of watching.
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    Default Re: Tito v. Rashad: Draw Opinions?

    Not a bad fight. Rogan is an idiot. I just wish he'd shut up.

    Also, there is a reason you take a point away for grabbing the fence. Its an illegal way to defend a takedown.

    I think if Rashad had opened up a little earlier in the third he could have ended a very gassed Tito.
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    Default Re: Tito v. Rashad: Draw Opinions?

    My thought & observations

    - Evans looked like he belonged in a different weight class.
    Tito seemed much larger.

    - Tito had a great game plan to attack off the bell and put Rashad on his heels.

    - Tito not only held the fence twice to avoid being taken down, he also grab Rashad's shorts to keep his position a few times. Call it cheating or call it experience... whatever. Like Tito said after the match "if you're not cheating you're not trying".

    - Rashad needs to be more aggressive. He seemed tentative after Tito's early rush.

    - I'll take Rashad in the rematch. He has lots of room to improve while Tito's potential is maxed out.

    - One last opinion... Koscheck will go much further in MMA than Evans.

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    Default Re: Tito v. Rashad: Draw Opinions?

    I liked the fight when Evans decided he was there to fight. Evans had great takedown defense once Tito got in on the legs but his defense seemed to be non-existent stuffing the shot. Tito would have won the fight if not for losing the point. I bet he is kicking himself for that.

    On a side I really lied Marquardts(sp) peak out/ hip dip when he was in on the single. If he was a wrestler he would have finished that takedown.

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    Default Re: Tito v. Rashad: Draw Opinions?

    I would have to agree with the draw... Tito wins 1 and 2(losing a point), Evans wins last. Neither guy impressed me at all. Evans 15-0 is soft and will never be a legit threat. Tito was better, but that's not saying much.

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