Sports history is full of standouts and champions who were somewhat more introverted or robotic than average. Bill Russell, Eli Manning, Ivan Lendl and every single golfer ever come to mind. That can be disappointing or inconvenient, especially here in Social Media America, but the fact is that some people and cultures are just plain old not emotional. And it can actually be an advantage in the pressure cooker of big-time pro sports.
The whole thing takes on a different dimension when you're talking about MMA. It may actually be more advantageous in combat sports, given the violence and adrenaline overdrive and all. As you know, Fedor Emelianenko is one of the sport's all-time great champions and unemotional fighters.
There's also the matter of fact that an unemotional or robotic fighter is either knee-slappingly hilarious or knee-bucklingly terrifying. No real middle ground there.
Guess which category fits each of these 10 fighters, who I regard as the most robotic, stoic and/or unemotional in the UFC today.
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