I don't know what your feelings are, but I feel this was an eventful little February for the UFC. Couple of headlines made this month.
Personally, I'm glad for that. It made my least favorite month just a little more tolerable. And now, as the calendar's suckiest 28 days finally fades back into the winter raw, it's time to hand out the metaphorical hardware for the month's best knockout, submission and fight inside the Octagon. It's just like the UFC's post-fight bonuses, except there's no money or other prizes, and instead of the UFC giving out the awards, it's me, a writer from Bleacher Report.
But in a departure from the UFC's typical model, I have been known to sprinkle in a few additional bonuses in special recognition of very special events. Are there any extra bonuses sprinkled herein? You will need to read on in order to acquire that knowledge.
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