Who among us hasn’t made a statement that runs along the lines of “if ‘x’ happens, I’ll do ‘y’”? Those type of claims get bandied about all the time, and for the most part, if ‘x’ doesn’t happen the person that made the statement isn’t made to follow through on the ‘y’ part. However, most of the times those proclamations aren’t made on national television.
If you recall, during the lead up to UFC 157’s co-main event, there was Chael Sonnen, pointing to Rashad Evans’ shoes and stating with the utmost confidence that Dan Henderson was going to defeat Lyoto Machida in that fight.
How sure was Sonnen? Sure enough to point to Rashad Evans and state, “Rashad hold that shoe up. If I get this wrong, tomorrow in the post-fight show, I will lick that shoe. Dan Henderson wins. I mean this, mark my words—I will lick that boot tomorrow on this show. Dan Henderson in the co-main event.”
Fast forward to Saturday night and after 15 minutes, there stood Lyoto Machida in the center of the Octagon getting his hand raised in victory following a split decision over Henderson.
If you thought Sonnen would go back on his word, you’d be wrong.
During the post-fight show, Evans wasted no time throwing his Converse up on the desk and pointing to his shoe. Sonnen followed through and licked the shoe of his co-host while Jay Glazer sat to the side and stated, “you, my friend, are a moron.”
But as Chael said, “a deal’s a deal.”