For the past four months, my inbox has been flooded, text messages overloaded, and Facebook wall spammed from top to bottom.

Everywhere I go, my loyal and sexy Mitchaholics have been begging and pleading with me to give them another orgasmic injection of MMA Sweet Tweets here on Bleacher Report.

Usually, I’m always one to provide my readers with the topics they want to see, but my weekends have been just too crazy lately.

Between spanking Lady Gaga on Friday nights, swimming naked with Katy Perry on Saturday’s and lounging around the Bed, Bath and Beyond with my fiancée (more on that later) on Sunday evenings, I haven’t been able to write the Ultimate Follow Friday piece since October.

But I couldn’t ignore my Mitchaholics for long. I caved.

Ladies and gentlemen, for the time being, MMA Sweet Tweets is back in your life.

Ariel Helwani if you try to slap a lawsuit on me for the last part of my sentence, I’ll have no choice but to throw a box of fruit rollups at your money ass. And the same goes for you too, Mr. Dwayne Johnson.

Sure, Rock, I smell what you’re cooking but can you smell what I’m grilling? Son, I’ve got a big rack of breasts up on my BBQ that are ready to be marinated with my awesome sauce.

Getting back on topic, the month of February has been a busy one in the MMA world.

From last week’s Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva event to next weekend’s UFC 127 fight card to the announcement of the return of Gina Carano; there is no shortage of social media buzz within the MMA community.

On this 12th installment of MMA Sweet Tweets, I will feature Twitter profiles of the fighters who will compete on the Australian card next Saturday, as well as some of the heavyweights in the Strikeforce Grand Prix, and other awesomely sexy MMA personalities that you should be following.

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