Saturday night’s fights were some of the most highly publicized recent UFC Pay-Per-Views and the matches didn’t disappoint.

UFC scored a big victory by having Silva validate all of the hype around him and defend his title for an eighth consecutive time.

The fights also saw Jon Jones beat Ryan Bader and earn himself a chance to fight Mauricio "Shogun" Rua.

With all of the good fights there had to be winners and the winners have set up some serious matches coming up.

Overall, UFC 126 was a great PPV and I can’t wait for the future matchups and the potential that those cards can hold.

Big Winner: Forrest Griffin

Potential Next Match: Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar III

Rich Franklin and Forrest Griffin battled hard and took each to the limit.

They took body shots and kicks and went the distance before the judges came to the decision that Griffin had won.

Griffin made a nice showing and after the fight, talk already started to circulate about a third fight between Bonnar and Griffin. That would draw in plenty of pay-per-view money!

Bigger Winner: Jon Jones

Potential Next Match: Jon Jones vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua

After Jon Jones replaced Rashad Evans in the matchup with the unbeaten Ryan Bader, he was said to have trained as hard as he ever had.

All the training showed and Jones out wrestled Bader and earned himself a title shot.

With Rua being the early underdog, Jones needs to be careful that he takes the Rua fight as serious as he took the Bader fight.

Biggest Winner: Anderson Silva

Potential Next Match: Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre

Anderson Silva did what he does best and made a spectacle of the fight before it even started.

Supposed experts were picking Vitor Belfort to win the fight: not only did he lose but he got knocked out with a front kick to the chin.

Belfort is good but Georges St. Pierre is the real deal.

Anderson Silva fighting Georges St. Pierre will be the most hyped fight this year and the fight has the potential to be the ultimate decision maker when it comes to who is the best fighter in the world.